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Many of you will be going out to New Year’s parties this evening. But for those of you celebrating at home (like me!), here’s the last of my holiday movie picks. Although I would imagine many of you have seen this, I’ve discovered that quite a few readers enjoy a little reminder. And for those of you who haven’t, you’re in for a treat. I’ve written several times about how much I love Nancy Meyers films for so many reasons. And this is certainly no exception. From the insightful characters, to the clever banter to the incredibly curated settings, her films provide what we all at least occasionally want – feel good entertainment.

The Holiday is like a wonderful dessert – it might taste a little too sweet at first but the more you eat the more you like it. I must admit that I wasn’t quite as smitten with my first viewing. This is actually one of my least favorite Nancy Meyers films – but that’s like saying it’s my least favorite kind of Beluga. The plot seemed a bit far fetched,  I didn’t love the casting of Jack Black, and I felt that some of the scenes felt a tad forced – like Kate Winslet’s air guitar or the little New Years dance at the end. After all, Something’s Gotta Give was a tough act to follow. But on subsequent viewings, it grew on me. Jude Law, always great to look, actually has an especially appealing character for once.

Both Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz are endearing and of course Eli Wallach steals the show in his scenes.

The big bonus in this movie is that there are two homes to oggle over. Jon Hutman yet again does a superb job creating the sets. Cameron Diaz’s stunning modern Hollywood home

is the antithesis of Kate Winslet’s charming English cottage – both lovely.

But one of my favorite scenes is when Amanda (Diaz) and Graham (Law) are on their official first date. I love everything about this charming restaurant, in what looks like a historic home, decked out for the holidays. Here is presumably the view down the front lawn (that’s them approaching in their stylish Range Rover) and then the facade (sorry for the less than crisp screen shots – did the best I could).

It would be the perfect setting for a cozy New Year’s eve celebration (see the fireplace roaring behind Law in the second shot).

So if you are staying in, or are looking for something frothy to watch on New Year’s day, The Holiday probably just fits the bill. But whatever you are doing this evening, I wish you all the happiest of New Years! See you next year!!

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  1. You are absolutely right what you say about this film but overlooking that I loved it. It’s a great Christmas movie and that cottage is gorgeous. Happy New Year to you and lovely to have found your blog xx

    • Christina – Exactly how I feel!! A very Happy New Year to you as well – must thank Little Augury for connecting!

    • Hi Zhush – Thanks! I will be watching it at some point today or tomorrow! A very happy new year to you as well!

  2. The Holiday is one of my favorites, and those homes! Those homes! We’re going out tonight to one of the guy’s favorite restaurants, The Palm, in Houston…to the late seating when the entertainment begins. Lots of wondetful festivities, including watching fireworks from someone’s high-up balcony. Tomorrow, football, and visiting with friends. Daughter & son are on separate trips out west with their other families. Sending love, Q…
    Happy New Year to you & your family.

    • Marsha – Meyers has the best sets ever!! Sounds like a fun and festive evening!! I’m hoping I can outlast my 11 year old! Wishing you, my new friend, a wonderful new year year as well!

  3. I would be embarrassed to admit how many times I have seen this movie! It is a genuine and beautiful movie! SO many great actors in one movie.
    Have a wonderful New Years eve!

    • Hi Teresa, I’ve watched all of Nancy Meyers’ movies innumerable times!! Wishing you a wonderful New Years!!

    • Hi Marianne – Feel the same – Nancy Meyers is the best! Wishing you the best for the new year as well!

    • MDC – Yes, just love the cottage, especially at this time of year!! Happy New Year’s wishes to you!!

  4. Just as hearing music will take us back to a particular time and place, hearing about a moving takes you back to the first time you watched the film. For me, I was on a plane and this was one of several that got me from Point A to Point B. Loved it then and also remembering it just now through your scribe. Happy New Year!

    • Hi Catherine – yes, memory is an amazing thing! For me, smells seem to be the strongest! Very best new year’s wishes to you and richard!

    • Hi Shari – I must admit I like our little evening at home. However, your exquisite Parisian photo was pretty appealing as well! Best wishes for a wonderful new year!!

  5. I love this movie! Great post, Q!

    I am here because I want to wish you a very blessed 2011. You’re a very interesting and sophisticated woman, Q. But most importantly, you’re a friend I’m getting to know. I want to thank you so much for your support on my blog and I appreciate you being there.

    Have fun next year and continue to inspire us.


    Luciane at

    • Thank you Luciane – your support is always greatly appreciated!! I have loved discovering new sites and meeting new people through the blog this year, you and yours included. I hope you have a wonderful evening and I wish you an exciting, happy and healthy 2011. See you next year!!

  6. This movie does grow on you — I had similar feelings when I first saw “Australia.” It first felt like a huge muddled mess, but then it started playing constantly on HBO and I grew to love the neocolonial backdrops, Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe and the Drover’s abs (just a little).
    I fell in love with Cameron Diaz’ kitchen in The Holiday, so much so that I scoured the earth for similar black matchstick blinds for mine.
    Thanks for bringing the beauty back to us, and for being such a faithful follower of my antics over at Nero.
    May 2011 be fruitful, emotionally enriching and spiritually rewarding for you.
    Cheers and best, Alcira

    • Hi Alcira – Loved the black kitchen also- in fact it was probably my favorite room! Meyers always does such a great job with kitchens! Wishing you all the best at Nero and home in 2011 as well!!

    • Hi Jule – Aren’t the houses just beautiful – I love the contrast! A very happy 2011 to you!!

    • Dominique – sometimes I think a little fluff is in order but Dolce Vita is a fabulous classic that would certainly add an element of bittersweet morality to the perhaps at times saccharine fantasy! Wishing you a wonderful new year – envying your upcoming trip already!

  7. Definitely one of my favorite movies, especially over the holidays… I love the contrast in personalities and lifestyles, architecture and style. If I had to choose, I think I would select the little cottage in England to stay in… how cozy and charming it would be!


    • Sarah – I think I would choose the cottage as well also because I love the charming village and countryside!!

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