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Lew-Ayres-and-Katharine-Hepburn-in-George-Cukor-Holiday Movies to Celebrate and Start the New Year

Traditionally, I have posted New Year’s movie suggestions before the calendar turns its last page but with this year’s mid week holiday, lounging still seems to be on many people’s agenda, so I thought this weekend might just make for prime viewing.…
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New Year's Movies | Indiscreet New Year’s Movies

Welcome to 2015! Whether out and about or celebrating at home, I hope you all ushered in the new year with style. As everyone seemed to like last week’s film suggestions and we still have a few days off ahead, I am sharing a few New Year’s movies for weekend watching.…
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At the Movies

Many of you will be going out to New Year’s parties this evening. But for those of you celebrating at home (like me!), here’s the last of my holiday movie picks. Although I would imagine many of you have seen this, I’ve discovered that quite a few readers enjoy a little reminder.…
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