Celebrating Local Talent at Pimlico

I am lucky to live in an area where so much talent abounds. Last week New Canaan, CT shop Pimlico invited friends to celebrate the season in a festive venue with three local artists/companies. For new readers, Pimlico is a charming, always inviting shop of well editing home furnishings and accessories. Also offering design services, owners Jill Saunders and Melissa Lindsay are constantly refreshing the merchandise into cheerful tempting vignettes!

ARt KR, Diane James, White Moth jewelry

The party featured the work of painter Kerri Rosenthal, the floral arrangements of Diane James and White Moth jewelry, all pictured in the storefront scene above. Take a peek at the fun!!

I have long been a fan of the beautiful floral arrangements of Diane James. Well before I started blogging, I would ogle their decorative designs at Bergdorf’s, where the company was launched over a decade ago.

Diane James floral arrangement at PimlicoNow a family business with founder Diane James and her twin daughters Cynthia and Carolyn (who you can spot in the background above), their products can be found in stylish spots around the globe.

Diane James faux floral arrangement

Here Pimlico’s Melissa Lindsay with Cynthia James Matrullo enjoying the festivities.

Pimlico New Canaan, CT partyAnd more than just smaller floral bouquets, Diane James also produces other arrangements such as the orchids above and succulents below that are almost impossible to tell from the real thing.

Pimlico New Canaan, CT store

Founded in 2010 by former marketing executive Tracey Heinemann, below on right with Pimlico’s Jill Saunders, White Moth Jewelry has quickly grown a devoted following. With simple, bold shapes, such as the necklaces above, Heinemann’s fans appreciate her refined statement style pieces.

Pimlico New Canaan, CT party

From brights to neutrals to pure metals, there is a look for everyone!

White Moth Jewelry at Pimlico in New Canaan, CT

Kerri Rosenthal (below on the right with Jill from Pimlico in center and customer AnnMarie McDonald on left) is a painter whose work is clearly influenced by the beautiful colors of the Connecticut shoreline. With a strong background in fashion and extensive travels and work in Holland and northern Europe, her work has a stylish contemporary feel

Kerri Rosenthal paintings at Pimlico in New Canaan, CT

suitable for a variety of decorative settings.

ART KR at Pimlico in New Canaan, CT

The terrific turnout that evening included many local blogging friends – below, from left, Liz Joy, Carolyn James McDonough (who pens the Diane James blog), Elizabeth Moyer and Jill Saunders (of Pimlico).

Pimlico home furnishings store in New Canaan, CT

And here Elizabeth is with local design talent Sam Allen, whose fabulous Red Cross ball table I recently featured.

A festive evening with talented friends in a beautiful store with stylish products – not a bad way to start the season!

21 thoughts on “Celebrating Local Talent at Pimlico

  1. Stacey,
    I really really wanted to go but unfortunately, I had a jam packed day and just never made it.
    Now I really really want to go treat myself. The light fixtures look amazing….
    Love all those lovely ladies….and gents!

  2. How fun to have such a pretty visual record of our designs at Pimlico! Loved seeing you there and kicking off the summer season with style. Happy Monday, Q!

  3. Loved seeing you…and reliving the evening through you wonderful video!!!! It perfectly captured the fun, casual evening among friends and beauty!!!

    Happy new week!
    ~ E

  4. Kerri’s paintings make lovely backdrops to all of the other goodies and look beautiful in the space. Diane James creations are always marvelous. I LOVE Tracey’s pants and her White Moth Jewelry. Great post, pics and video! ox

  5. Everything is always made more beautiful when placed near flowers. I love the artwork above it’s just my style mostly abstract. Nice seeing Elizabeth in the group looks like it was fun.

    Enjoy your day!

  6. What a fun time and such a great crowd! The Diane James florals look so pretty tucked around the store. I had such a great time getting together with Carolyn and Cynthia a couple weeks ago, and it’s lovely to see their smiling faces and their beautiful designs here!
    Happy Monday, Stacey! XO

  7. Love the clip and music. I want everything: I adore the White Moth jewelry and can you find out about the pants she is wearing? I’ve been a big fan of Pimlico and really miss not being able to go v often so thank you for bringing them to me instead!

  8. Well you were lucky to read that post, because it was up for all of 6 hours before blogger chopped 1/2 of it off mysteriously! Pimlico looks great. You will have to give me a special tour of your stomping grounds. Finally back from 9 days in L.I., whew–90 looks like a highly over rated age.

  9. This looks like a very fun get together and it was great to see Cynthia and Carolyn here too! Their work is incredible and I loved discovering this jewelery and art which were both new to me!

  10. So glad I saw this on facebook and didn’t miss…fabulous post with one of my favorites…Dian James and love the new jewelry and art resource. Thanks so much for sharing…

  11. Stacey-
    You know that I would loved to have been here with my blogging friends! I have a Diane James flower, and it looks real, and I receive more comments on it. Love the work of all of these artist. Just beautiful.
    Thank you again, Stacey, for taking us along.
    Happy Tuesday!

    ps-thank you for your kind comment

  12. So bummed to have missed this fun event, minutes from my house, with all my favorite people AND at a store that I frequent!:( at least I can live vicariously here….sigh!)

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