I hope you have a specially spooky Halloween. And in that spirit, please enjoy the incredible pumpkin carving art of Ray Villafane, who has won the Food Network Pumpkin Carving contest on two occasions. By day he is a toy sculptor.

All photographs © Ray Villafane

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8 Responses to Boo!

  1. Now, these are ssssssscary. Hoot-hoot!

  2. Having just spent two days helping the younger son with his ghoulish creation (to enter into the town competition, mind you!), I feel so inept… perhaps I’ll share these after Halloween! Hope you have a spooky one!

    • quintessence says:

      Don’t think we should even attempt to compare our pumpkin carving skills to this incredible master. I’m sure yours are fabulous!!

  3. Liz Morten says:

    I hope he has a big freezer to store them in, so he doesn’t have to lose all that work!

  4. Harrison Howard says:

    They give me the creeps, but I guess that’s the idea. I am always mystified by artists that put so much into something so ephemeral whether it’s an ice or sand sculpture, a sidewalk chalk picture, or these pumpkins. As for carving a pumpkin, Ray Villafane’s efforts are enough to make this amateur pumpkin carver give up altogether.

    • quintessence says:

      Hi Harrison – Creepy indeed! Agree totally about all that putting work into something that doesn’t last. And if we all compared ourselves to his carving ability, no one would have any jack-o-lanterns at all!

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