At Home with Timothy Corrigan at Chateau de la Chevallerie (the before)

Chateau de la Chevallerie

There are few people who could not only imagine but are capable of bringing an 18th century French chateau back to life. Designer Timothy Corrigan is not only capable but enthusiastic and experienced, having expertly renovated his former French home, Château du Grand-Lucé. Since then he has found a new love in the northern Loire, the Château de la Chevallerie. Susanna and I were thrilled to visit Tim there this spring just as he was embarking on bringing this exquisite jewel into the 21st century. Please join us as Timothy explains his vision for his beautiful new French country home!

And while his last chateau was on a grander scale, this one’s charms are in part due to its more quirky nature and approachable scale.

Timothy Corrigan's Chateau de la ChevallerieWith beautiful architectural details, remarkable original boiserie and bucolic views from almost every room, Chateau de la Chevallerie is a neglected sleeping beauty awaiting its awakening.

Timothy Corrigan Chateau de la ChevallerieWith a deep love and knowledge of French history and the decorative arts, Timothy is expertly equipped to undertake such a herculean task. But don’t expect strict historically accurate interiors, for while Tim has a love for antique structures and furniture, his signature is melding a timeless European elegance with modern livable comfort. You can learn more about how Tim incorporates antiques into his projects here, and watch him shopping at the les Puces in Paris with Susanna here.

At Home with Timothy Corrigan Chateau de la Chevallerie

Timothy’s design expertise has been tapped by a myriad of companies. With an integrated line of fabrics, furniture, trims and rugs for Schumacher and Patterson, Flynn & Martin, a line of bath fixtures for THG Paris, his “Les Folies” wallpaper collection with Fromental, two porcelain collections with Royal Limoges and most recently a passementerie collection with Samuel & Sons, it is easy to bring a little of Timothy’s French inspired aesthetic home. In fact Timothy has been honored by the French Heritage Society for his “exemplary accomplishments working in exquisite French Style” and was this year’s honoree at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Southern California Chapter‘s Annual Legacy Dinner.

Susanna Salk and Timothy CorriganSo thank you Timothy for such a glorious day at your extraordinary new chateau!! We can’t wait to come back and see how you transform your sleeping beauty!

Bespoke Designs of Westport guest book for Chateau de la Chevallerieall photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

And thank you to Bespoke Designs who helped craft our special gift for Tim!

16 thoughts on “At Home with Timothy Corrigan at Chateau de la Chevallerie (the before)

  1. WELL< That was THE WAY TO START MY MORNING!I actually have TEARS in MY EYES!
    What a GEM…………I SO GET IT!Now, once the CHATEAU is up and READY for Visitors can there be a FETE?I would LOVE to BE on the GUEST LIST!I PROMISE TO DRESS THE PART!
    THE sheep the Folly for THE BEDROOM……..that TOILE the CHAPEL!!!!!!THE PINK DINING ROOM all SO SO GRAND.THE VIEWS……………

  2. Hope we will get to see some of the process of restoring this amazing Chateau! I feel just like the Contessa. Timothy is so opening and excited. The video was a joy to watch. Thank you. Passing it on to all my girlfriends!!

  3. Lovely,lovely, lucky chateau ! She is so beautiful just as she is but her new beau is going to shake things up and keep her young and vibrant for years to come. Timothy Corrigan could not have found a more perfect match. Thank you for the video Stacey and Susanna and thank you for the generous length of it too, it is a grand tour.

  4. I so enjoyed the tour! Can’t wait to see what magic Timothy performs on this beautiful Chateau!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. That was just amazing! And the reason I love your blog – these tours with Susanna are amazeballs! Keep the updates coming!

  6. I can’t thank you enough for your wonderous videos of fabulous people, places & things.
    Each one is a delicious treat.

  7. Dear Tim,
    Loved seeing your new chateau so Devine. Still working on my in Epigne sur Deme. I’ll keep you posted. What village is yours .
    All the best to you

  8. Such an amazing idea to bring back the 18th century French chateau back to life. Thank you for sharing such beautiful and detailed architectural work. Eagerly waiting for more such stuff!

  9. How wonderful seeing this video! I attended a wedding reception at Chateau de Chevallerie in 2012, and this brought back so many happy memories!

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