International House Guest Video with Susanna Salk and Timothy Corrigan

As the indomitable Ms. Vreeland taught us, the eye indeed has to travel, so today we are delighted to introduce a new video series, International House Guest. Our first episode takes us to the Loire Valley where designer Timothy Corrigan has meticulously renovated Château du Grand-Lucé, transforming this estate of impressive stature and significance into his chic french home. Susanna and I were thrilled to pay Tim a visit in January and even the dreary winter weather couldn’t dampen our spirits as we settled into chateau life. Join us for a visit to this remarkable residence.

While Chateau du Grand-Lucé is a national landmark in France, representing one of the purest examples of 18th century architecture, comfort reigns supreme and it’s truly a testament to Tim’s talents that, at 40,000 square feet, it is also one of the coziest and welcoming abodes I have ever visited. When Tim first led me to my bedroom, I was awe-struck. Grand yet gracious, it includes an artful mix of gorgeous painted boiserie, eclectic antiques and new sink-in-soft upholstered pieces.

timothy corrigan

Goldilocks had nothing on me, as I sampled each seating option, all receiving the “just right” thumbs up.

timothy corrigan

A dreamy bathroom includes both fireplace and dressing table, modern plumbing fixtures and select samples of top line toiletries.

Timothy Corrigan

As Tim took us through the house and many outbuildings, he generously shared some of his thoughts on design that could be applied to any home. Putting full length mirrors behind the niches in the entry gives a sense of depth and perspective, making the room seem as if it continues beyond.

Timothy Corrigan Chateau du Grand-Lucé entry with mirrored niches

And the high ceilings of the dining room are brought down visually by the series of three dimensional rondelles. Adding a sense of depth at that level makes the height feel more accessible and the space more intimate.

Tim Corrigan Chateau du Grand-Lucé dining room

This gorgeous antique Swedish chandelier in my bedroom was given a casually chic twist with a chain covered in silk and knotted at intervals rather than the usual scrunchie treatment.

timothy corrigan swedish chandelier

But it’s a welcoming thoughtful host (plying you with champagne at every opportunity) that truly makes a guest feel so at home they never want to leave (as was the case with us). So thank you Tim, we loved every second with you in your beautiful home!

22 thoughts on “International House Guest Video with Susanna Salk and Timothy Corrigan

  1. Fabulous video and post on Timothy Corrigan’s magnificent Château du Grand-Lucé! The very last detail is marvelous in its attention to beauty, design and putting forth a personal vision! The spaces are very grand, yet Timothy Corrigan genius as a designer is to create intimacy and luxury in the many stunning areas of the château. Thank you!

  2. What a wonderful video and a most delicious chateau. Truly his words of European elegance infused with California casual resonate throughout. Love that he used the wool sisal on the grand staircase and all of the wonderful touches that make it lovely without being imposing – seemingly impossible in a 40,000 square foot home. What a dream this must have been, Stacey!

  3. My husband just asked…”why are you smiling at the computer..” And, I said, “I’m enjoying macarons dipped in chocolate with Tim and the Château du Grand-Lucé!” Merci! franki

  4. It takes a special design talent to transform the scale and grandeur of Chateau du Grand-Luce’ into the warm and inviting spaces you experienced! Bravo ladies…can’t wait to see the next post in your new series.

  5. I’m on my second viewing. The Château is breath taking. You did a wonderful job of capturing the experience and taking us along for the ride with Susan …. waking up to a beautiful view, enjoying macarons, and feeding the ducks. Timothy is so charming. Merci!

  6. I love this video!! You did an amazing job showing what it’s like to be a guest in Timothy’s extraordinary home. He truly is a great talent and a wonderful host. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Every glorious detail a treat. It may be the most beautiful home I have ever seen. My favorite part might be when Susanna complimented Timothy on being such a gracious and warm host. Even bread for the ducks. Perfection. So love the editing. You nailed it!! And by the way, your score seems to work with every video you produce. More please!

  8. The ultimate getaway and Tim is the most gracious host ever. I love everything about this, feeding the geese baguettes, priceless!

    2014 Artists Series

  9. What a treat watching this video is. I feel like I was there with you. Bravo, Stacey!

  10. Wow! Now that was worth waiting for. How inspiring – the Chateau has me in awe, but I think what I love most are all the lessons in graciousness and comfort. Thank you so much for taking us on this extraordinary visit! I think I need to watch the video again…

    Happy Weekend! XO

  11. Just SO happy you were able to go. I’ve only emailed with Timothy, but he is such a treat! I am so very happy to see you experience the grand chateau life!

  12. Just cannot get enough of Tim Corrigan’s work and this beautiful chateau. Moreover, design aside (for just a teentsy second), how inspiring it is to see someone doing his dream. Bravo.

  13. What a treat…I felt like ai was right there with you…I’m not sure how you were able to leave…and I can’t imagine how thrilled I would be to sit and chat with Timothy…Awesome! Mona

  14. Wow wow wow…I feel like I was there enjoying everything, Everything is beautifully done!

  15. Watching this segment, Timothy Corrigan’s magnificent Château du Grand-Lucé, was amazing. I will probably never be able to visit France and especially not an incredible chateau being restored there so thank you for sharing. I live in California so it was fun seeing some of the California influences mixed in this beautiful chateau. You live the dream.

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