2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester

After our break for the latest Stylish Shopping episode yesterday, we continue with a look at some more rooms at the 2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester. One of my favorite rooms last year at this event was Carey Karlan’s sophisticated space with gorgeous black Venetian plaster walls. This year she wanted an all out feminine room with uninhibited yet comfortable glamour.

2013 Designer Showhouse of westchester

Carey’s designs frequently reference the past in an updated way. Here the pink and gray color scheme is retro yet fresh, anchored by the Pearson sofa and amazing Venetian plaster walls with inlaid mother of pearl by Heidi Holzer Design. You can catch a glimpse of the seductive Nobilis Jeu de Miroir curtains, echoing the opalescence of the walls with a dose of shimmer. And the metallic is picked up in the Moroccan area rug from JD Staron as well.

2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester

A vintage glass and lucite table, Samantha chairs from Hickory Chair and faux ostrich ottoman from friend Beth Dupont’s local Connecticut shop Good Food Good Things mingle with an assortment of small tables from Wakefield Design Center in a pretty, eclectic pink and palomino mix. Several lovely vignettes focussed on tailored yet feminine details.

2013 Designer Showhouse of WestchesterGray is a popular theme at the showhouse and Wakefield Design Center’s George Snead used it effectively mixed with metallics, bold blacks with pops of acid green and his signature use of interesting art. Taking advantage of the bar in the middle of his room, Snead created two separate areas. One side functions as an airy work space

2013 Design Showhouse of Westchester

and the other side as a comfortable lounge.

2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester

Snead cleverly added a wall of graphic black and white wallpaper with strong art to counter the existing pattern of the center bar.

2013 Designer Showhouse of WestchesterKeeping the palette within tonal grays, Snead offered a variety of textures for visual interest.

2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester

On the top floor Donna Benedetto transformed a large attic-like space into a stylish game room. Again using pale cool gray as a backdrop, the space is uniformly cocooned in color. A chic glass and chrome ping pong table provides stylish fun.

2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester

A seating area defined by a JD Staron rug provides room for comfortable lounging.

2013 Designer Showhouse of WestchesterVintage chairs from the Hampton Galleries in Stamford with a fun pillow selection sit in front of a custom bookcase created by the designer.

2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester

I loved this moment made crystal clear in the afternoon light. A vintage lucite bar cart, bamboo chair and wall art by the designer form a lovely vignette.

2013 Designer Showhouse

Benedetto framed this dormered window so beautifully. Flowing drapes and a large croc textured ginger jar on lucite stand are perfectly proportioned and positioned.

2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester

In the basement, Elissa Grayer was charged with overhauling the large dark and dreary space into an adult rec room. Filling the space with large light pieces in bold forms, she added accessories with texture and movement and blues for accent color.

2013 Designer Showhouse of WestchesterSeveral comfortable seating areas allow family and guests plenty of room for varied activities.

2013 Designer Showhouse of WestchesterWith the high wood paneling, Grayer added a distinctive knit patterned wallpaper by Brett Beldock to add color, texture and visual interest, overlaying it with a playful giant jacks installation.

2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester

A mix of transitional and modern pieces with hints of metallics give the space an updated contemporary edge.

2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester

With fun window treatments and distinctive stools, the bar area is sure to become a popular spot for the entire family.

2013 Designer Showhouse of WestchesterIf you are in the area, the 2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester is open through next weekend. Tomorrow from noon to 3, is a book signing by local Greenwich designer Cindy Rinfret and next Saturday at the same time, Michele Keith will be on hand to sign copies of her volume, Designers Abroad, which I reviewed several weeks ago.

And in case you missed it, do stop by yesterday’s post to see the latest Stylish Shopping video as Susanna Salk visits the NYC flower market with tastemaker and FLOWERS author Carolyne Roehm.

3 thoughts on “2013 Designer Showhouse of Westchester

  1. This showhouse is a wonderful opportunity for local designers to show off their amazing talent. Absolutely love Donna Benedetto’s room and the use of so much lucite! Now off to read your post with Carolyne… Have a wonderful weekend!
    C + C

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful coverage on The Westchester Designer showhouse and especially your kind words on my room!
    Donna Benedetto

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