Putting on the Ritz

entrance to a Ritz Paris suite, photo Pascal Chevallier:Gamma-Rapha-1 copy-1

There are so many wonderful upcoming auctions, it’s difficult to keep up. First on my calendar is French house Artcurial‘s mammoth sale from the Ritz Paris. Since 1898, the beautiful Place Vendôme has been home to this iconic hotel.

The Ritz ParisFounded by César Ritz, the hotel became “the ambassador of French luxury.” The entrance to one of the old Ritz suites below.

entrance to a Ritz Paris suite, photo Pascal Chevallier:Gamma-Rapha-1photo Pascal Chevallier:Gamma-Rapha

Everyone from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (the original Windsor Suite, below) to Coco Chanel to F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald were regular guests, not to mention throngs of international royalty, Hollywood stars, world leaders, designers and artists.

Windsor Suite at The Ritz ParisFollowing a massive four year, $400 million renovation by Thierry Despont, it reopened to much fanfare in June 2016. Many may have wondered what happened to all the furniture and decorative art that graced the hotel for all those years.

chairs from the Windsor suite at The RitzWell, it has been carefully preserved, sitting in a clandestine warehouse location and now Artcurial is presenting over 10,000 items organized into 3,500 lots for auction – the chairs from the Windsor Suite up for auction, above. Designer Vincent Darré will be setting the stage for the five day sale to be held in the Hotel Marcel Dassault starting on April 17.

The Ritz BarIncluding everything from fine furnishings (the celebrated Ritz bar, above and the stools coming to auction, below) to plumbing fixtures, display cases and all manner of decorative accessories, the auction offers the opportunity to own a piece of the legendary hotel.

stools from the Ritz bar in Artcurial auction

Swivel velvet barstools from the Ritz club are also included.

stools from the Ritz Club-1

César Ritz was fastidious and discriminating, choosing every detail for the decor of the hotel. The peachy pink bath linens were specifically chosen to highlight his wife’s complexion. You too can obtain that warm glow as many of the linens are included in the sale.

Ritz Paris bath linens in auction-1

The range of offerings will astound you – from bedside buzzers

bedside buzzers from The Ritz Paris

to a dog bed befitting those pets who graced the Ritz with their canine benevolence.

dog bed from the Ritz Paris auction-1

Vast amounts of china, flatware and glassware from the restaurants are up for grabs,

The Ritz Paris auction

as are the furnishings, from furniture, such as these Louis XVI style chairs,

pair of Louis XVI style chairs from Ritz auction-1these Louis XV style chairs from Coco Chanel’s suite,

Louis XV style chairs from the Chanel suite at the Ritz Paris-1curtains, rugs and such details as clocks, below, fireplace accessories and even curtain tie backs.

Louis XVI style clock in Ritz auction-1

all photos courtesy of The Ritz Paris unless otherwise indicated

I urge you to take a gander through the massive listings – you may just find a piece of The Ritz to claim as your own.






5 thoughts on “Putting on the Ritz

    I did stay there once way back in the 1980’s…………..the room was SO GORGEOUS we had room service!I have those LOUIS XV CHAIRS!Copies of course and mine came from a PRIMA BALLERINA!The last time I was in PARIS they were closed for renovation…………
    I hope the people who end up with this STUFF KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE and will cherish it!

  2. First, I absolutely LOVE your wonderful blog. Thankyou for all you give to your (…lucky….grateful….) readers!

    Second, seeing the photos and imagining the many treasures, it’s almost a heartache knowing that all these stunning items (oh the stories they could tell!!!) are being auctioned and it’s impossible to bid much less buy. I’m sure I’m one of many who are dreaming and wishing!!! I agree with La Contessa, hoping every bit of it ends up with those who will appreciate and care for what they have.

  3. I love your blog. Seeing all these wonderful items makes me want to refurnish my home…if only I could! The history of these items…kinda like the walls, if only they could talk!

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