The Timeless Appeal of Plain English

Plain English NYC showroom via Quintessence

Plain English is appealing in any form. Whether language, or in this case traditional bespoke kitchens, we like it straight forward with proper and enduring construction, gracious yet utilitarian style and a certain personal flair. Plain English kitchens checks all the boxes with the debut of their beautiful new Greenwich Village, NY showroom.

Plain English kitchens NYC showroomOver 25 years ago, Plain English was founded, like many of the best firms, to fulfill its owners unmet needs and desires. Tony Niblock and Katie Fontana wanted a traditional, painted kitchen for their house in Suffolk, England. When they couldn’t find what they envisioned, they hired a local carpenter to make it, painted it themselves and then of course Plain English was born.

Plain English kitchen NYC showroomReflecting my favorite mantra (are you sick of hearing it yet?) looking back to move forward, Plain English “references the values of the past and gently evolves to embrace the modern ways we live now.” So behind and within their classic cabinetry you may find a modern freezer

Plain English kitchen with Miele freezer

or a removable shoe shine kit,

Plain English shoe shine kit

perfectly organized silver cutlery drawer (with felt liners of course)

Plain English silver cutlery draweror pull out bins for anything from garbage, recycling, composting or even storing dog food.

Plain English kitchen pull out drawerThe inside is as important as the exterior both in terms of function

Plain English knife drawer

Plain English bottle drawer

Plain English corner cabinetand beauty,

Plain English inside cabinetryoften with clever and beautiful storage solutions.

Plain English storage solutionThe point is that Plain English kitchens are entirely bespoke. From the first meeting with clients to subsequently translating and fulfilling their dreams, the firm matches meticulous designs with exquisite craftsmanship and materials.

Plain English kitchens detailsEvery detail is thought of and executed by hand in their Suffolk workshops, from hand-hammered copper sinks

Plain English copper sink

to custom hardware and joinery.

Plain English cabinetry NYC showroom

A cabinet in the showroom holds many examples of their custom colors, finishes and style samples.

Plain English sample cabinet

Pantries (or larders in English-ese) are one of their specialities, showing off their workmanship and practicality.

Plain English larderSmall adjustable vents can be installed in the back to let in fresh cool air for units abutting exterior walls.

Plain English larder vent

But Plain English’s bespoke services extend beyond kitchens. They can create cabinetry for bedrooms, bathrooms, mudrooms and beyond. The handsome mudroom below includes a cushion made from the last bit of Connolly leather commissioned by the royal family for Holyrood Palace. It is these type of resourceful touches that  distinguish Plain English spaces.

Plain English mudroomInspiration comes from past and present. Their handsome Bond Street Latch was born after seeing a detail in a fine Bond Street jewelry store, photographed through the window after hours.

Plain English Bond Street latchPlain English Bond Street latch

Hand stitched leather pulls add an elegant understated touch to a cedar lined bedroom closet that can be built-in or freestanding.

Plain English bedroom closet

While period architecture has provided inspiration for Plain English’s timeless understated built style, colors from these historic homes have helped them celebrate the art of painted cabinetry.

Plain English colorsExclusive colors such as Boiled Dishcloth, Draughty Passage and Blancmange, below, help make a Plain English kitchen uniquely your own.

Plain English pantry in Blancmangeall photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

Whether your home is large or small, antique or contemporary, in the city or country, if you are looking for a kitchen of uncompromising quality and infinite possibilities, Plain English may just be for you – now in NYC.

51 East Tenth Street
New York, NY 10003

10 thoughts on “The Timeless Appeal of Plain English

  1. Honestly never thought of “plain English” as a design…but, that is me! I have the dark cupboards, integrated paneled appliances, antiqued brass accessories..even customed leather pulls…this all speaks to me…wow! franki

  2. I’ve always loved their kitchens, and what a treat to see so many details up close. Love those paint names!

  3. I am drooling. A kitchen where everything has a home!
    The attention to detail is just amazing. Beyond my wildest dreams.
    Thanks for making me not want to even go into my kitchen.

    This is a dream kitchen. A place for everything and everything has a home.
    No organizing needed it is all done for you. Love it!

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