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Plain English NYC showroom via Quintessence The Timeless Appeal of Plain English

Plain English is appealing in any form. Whether language, or in this case traditional bespoke kitchens, we like it straight forward with proper and enduring construction, gracious yet utilitarian style and a certain personal flair. Plain English kitchens checks all the boxes with the debut of their beautiful new Greenwich Village, NY showroom.…
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Sneak Peek – Soane Fall 2017

The French have a great expression for this time of year – la rentrée, signaling the re-entry to regularly scheduled life after the August break. And while we in the U.S. don’t have an August shut down, post Labor Day has that back to business feel.  …
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Soane Spring 2017 Seaweed-Lace-azure-Table-Cloth Sneak Peek – Soane Spring 2017 Launch

As we all avidly anticipate the arrival of spring, we can also look forward to the hatching of new collections. It’s always a good day when Soane writes with news and I have been eagerly waiting to share a sneak peek at their spring 2017 launch.…
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