Stylish Shopping with Susanna Salk and Carolyne Roehm

Carolyne Roehm has an exquisite eye for beauty and a passion for perfection. No wonder everything she touches is divine. Even the inception of her career started sublimely as a house model and designer at Oscar de la Renta for ten years. After a stint heading her own fashion house and firmly established as a much admired tastemaker, her love of  flowers, entertaining, garden design, and interiors led to her next career as author with her first book, A Passion for Flowers, in 1994. Following her journey since has been a vicarious tour of beauty in all its forms. We are thrilled today to feature Carolyne as our latest guest on Stylish Shopping. Hear her insights on how flowers enhance our homes and lives as she and Susanna tour the NYC flower market.

It is this passion for gardening and flowers that has developed into a fulfilling second calling for Roehm. My pinterest boards are filled with images of her beautiful gardens, tabletop and floral designs for all occasions. From an exquisite wedding table

carolyne roehm

to intimate holiday gathering

carolyne roehm

to her last Dahlia dinner of the year, her artistic eye and refined taste yield spectacular results time and time again.

carolyne roehm

But it is her magnificent gardens at her Connecticut house Weatherstone that are the subject of her recently released eleventh book, FLOWERS. In hundreds of detailed photographs, taken by Roehm herself, the exquisite work of mother Nature is documented in all its glory. From seeds to superb bloom, Roehm has nurtured these plants with loving care. Not one to delegant these tasks, she is out in the trenches, digging, planting and pruning these beauties. And then, with painstaking detail, sometimes working on a single image for hours, she has recorded her remarkable specimens.

Carolyne Roehm

Whether her majestic grounds

Carolyne Roehm

voluptuous close ups as on the book jacket or glorious arrangements

Carolyne Roehm

this is a tome every flower admirer will want to own for their collection. Our morning with Carolyne was a delight. Charming, knowledgeable and full of fun, we are already anticipating her next book in which her photographs will document more information on her gardens with gardening tips, mixed with recipes, bouquets and lifestyle inspiration.

Carolyne Roehm

Thank you also to Associated Cut Flowers who graciously allowed us to film in their very busy shop!

13 thoughts on “Stylish Shopping with Susanna Salk and Carolyne Roehm

  1. She is such a natural and I love the way she uses so many of our “old fashioned or traditional”flowers in her gardens and arrangements!
    Art by Karena

  2. the video was wonderful, what a treat of an insight. I absolutely concur, I learn so much from nature, colors, textures and general life lessons. Great post. ~ ebh

  3. Her eye is always astounding…. her use of colour unique.. and lovely to see her “in real life”… so thank you for the video! I have three of her books.. and page through them regularly. To visit her home(s) … would be a dream!… Thanks Stacey! Jenny

  4. She is so talented, and so inspiring… What I wouldn’t do for a gorgeous garden like that… And of course a green thumb. Great video!

  5. I have watched this video again and again–each time something new is learned. Love watching CR in action, living her passion. Thank you–what a huge inspiration for all of us.

  6. What an amazing addition to your shopping series. Her tabletops have inspired many of my own and I treasure all of her books.

    Great series, Q!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

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