2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse Guest Retreat

There was something not quite definable but so very appealing about Tammy Connor‘s bedroom at Traditional Home‘s 2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse. It immediately brought back the best memories of summers past – the feel of cool ironed sheets against a sunburned back, watching fireflies light up in a pierced top mason jar on my nightstand or reading with a flashlight under the covers long after even my late summer bedtime.

2012 Hampton Designer ShowhousePerhaps it’s her relaxed southern elegance or timeless approach to her interiors that imbued this room with an authenticity reminiscent of summers the way they ought to be.

2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Working with Serena and Lily, Connor combined furniture and linens from their collection with antiques and vintage finds to create an understated yet fashionable room. The soft green stripe of the Farrow and Ball Closet Stripe wallpaper established the palette and I loved how she combined directions and used it with an unexpected fresh apple green in the coffers of the ceiling.

2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse

A vintage dhurrie from Keivan Woven Arts and antique bobbin stool from English Country Antiques add layers to give the space its timeless allure.

Tammy Connor room at Hampton Designer ShowhouseOn the entry wall is the totally charming detail above that everyone loved. Repurposing old pieces in thoughtful ways adds a gracious touch. The pattern and color of this beautiful herringbone Brahms Mount throw interacts with the wallpaper in a subtle yet sophisticated way.

2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Reading and writing materials, candles and fresh flowers are signature Connor necessities as well as appreciated additions for guests. I thought it was especially thoughtful to add the readers in the basket – how often are they left in another room, the car or a bag!!

2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Vintage mounted butterflies from a French antiques dealer sit comfortably above a classic mahogany dresser.

2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse

The vignette has that gradually collected feel that is comfortable and real – a coral necklace, shell box and seaside books, accumulated over seasons at the beach.

2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse

I think this room has what I might call a modern gentility. It’s comfortable and quietly stylish with a certain déjà vu quality that reminds you of a place where you were once care free and relaxed with nothing but time, when days were spent collecting shells, catching butterflies and reading leisurely. I think we would all be delighted to stay in a space that transported us to that state of mind.

15 thoughts on “2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse Guest Retreat

  1. This room definitely reminds me of my childhood, but with an “of the moment” lightness. It is a gorgeous space. The ceiling adds another layer of detail and texture. Thanks.

  2. What a lovely and summer-filled room and the butterflies are a pretty touch. Don’t you just love Brahms Mount throws? Every one of our beds has one of their blankets and we cuddle up with the throws in the winter months.
    C + C

  3. It’s so interesting that Tammy’s room, in its rustic, yet elegant simplicity, evokes such an overwhelmingly positive response. It’s so less “designer-y” than the other show house rooms you’ve featured. Maybe the reactions are because we respond to this room viscerally: it’s nostalgic, but at the same time, so liveable.

  4. Stacey,
    Thank you so much for featuring my showhouse room and for your kind words. I am honored to be included in your wonderful blog….Truly one of my very favorites!

  5. I work for Luce Custom Home Decor. I was wondering where I might find that beautiful vintage blanket holder.

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