It’s a Wrap Video with Susanna Salk and John Derian

John Derian is one part Charles Dickens, one part Saint-Germain-des-Prés and one part East Village, but 100% authentic. His distinctive and idiosyncratic vision of the world is addictive and it is difficult to leave any of his shops without something in hand. Recently, Susanna Salk and I paid a visit to John in his studio to see his new line of gift wrap for One Kings Lane and discuss how presentation is an integral part of any gift.

Since 1989 John has been producing his handmade decoupage plates and platters to the delight of his legion of fans around the world. From the layers of inspiration in the studio emerge the beautiful pattern laden products synonymous with his name.

John DerianAnd in his adjoining emporiums in the East Village, he now also sells bed and table linens, stationery, lighting, art and one of a kind products, all made by companies, artists and artisans with a compatible aesthetic and hand made quality, such as Livia Cetti, whose whimsical paper flowers have become a cult favorite.

John Derian

A collaboration with Astier de Villatte

John Derian

and a line of furniture produced by Cisco Brothers

John Derian

are further extensions of the brand which is ever expanding but maintains its grass roots and home grown feel. A visit to the main boutique is an overwhelming experience. The charm starts curbside

John Derian

with a vision of rustic Christmas

John Derian

leading to a cornucopia of holiday wonder amid the regular merchandise.

John Derian

It is an ornamental array

John Derian

from glitter galore

John Derian

to the natural world

John Derian

to the regal

John Derian

and quintessential Derian.

John Derian

And of course you can still buy all the decoupage your heart desires from the original paperweights

John Derian paperweights

and platters

Fontainbleau platter

to lamps, bowls, switchplates

decoupage switchplates

and even fireplace screens

decoupage fireplace screen

But it’s all about John’s eye. He looks, he sees and then he makes (or buys). Even when he’s not officially looking, an open eye assures all opportunities can come his away. And come they do, as new finds are effortlessly brought into the fold of Derian’s growing empire. An empire that feels small, old and hand-made.

12 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap Video with Susanna Salk and John Derian

  1. Stacey, Susanna, and John –

    OK. Seriously. That was just madly delightful! I actually giggled out loud in the darkened silence of my apartment while watching!

    Cheers – and Happy Christmas!

  2. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. My favorite is the papers tied together with the string printed as found. I do hope you did some Christmas shopping while you were there!

  3. Love anything and everything John Derian does, those papers are no exception. Ironically I was scouting antique aubusson drawings on Ebay yesterday and thought “hmmm, these would be stunning wrapping paper”.

  4. Obsessed. When you throw something into a gift bag, what you’re really saying is “I have more important friends and you’re just not worth the effort.” John so understands the art of presentation. All of them are amazing. Thank you!

  5. Brilliant presentation Stacey !
    I adore john Derians aesthetic, everything

    Every market I find myself mesmerized and wanting to place a massive order for my shop, sadly my area will not support his line. In my home however John holds a place of honor

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