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I have written before how I think Talbots has been doing a great job raising their fashion profile. Yesterday I attended a preview for the winter line at their elegant space and they are definitely on a roll.

There were many adorable items to wear on their own or mix with other winter/holiday staples in your wardrobe. I loved the slightly retro black and ivory palette. And for those who like more color, there were many jewel tones thrown in for good measure. Julianne Moore, this season’s face for the line, is evidently going to be wearing one of my favorite outfits in the ad for the collection – the satin cami with fabulous houndstooth ball gown skirt.

There were many other items sporting the classic pattern, from motorcycle jacket to cape, which add to the vintage yet classic appeal of the collection. This casual outfit had a modernized Laura Petrie (for those of you who remember) look.

There were many chic separates that could be mixed and matched for seasonal parties and special occasions. I loved the simple elegance of this v-neck sweater with ivory flannel column skirt. But that same skirt could be transformed  in so many different ways. Imagine it with the sweater above and chunky boots for a tonal weekend look or with a short sleeved black turtleneck or even a cropped jacket and little black tee with a fat patent leather belt.

I love the understated pairing of this wrinkle-resistant shirt with another fantastic column skirt, this time in leopard – a terrific dress me up or down piece.

Black illusion is a timeless classic and several pieces featured the refined fabric. It will always remind of the outfit Sophia Lauren wears at the end of Houseboat. You could easily pair this double layered top with any dressy black bottom you own.

And if you had a black tie event and wanted something new but didn’t want to break the bank, might I suggest this liquid velvet drape gown. Add some sparkling jewelry from BEHIND THE Q’s Liz Lange’s favorite haunt, Gale Grant, and you could go anywhere.

There were also some fun accessories on display. Any of these classic styles would be perfect additions to your black and cream vision.

 And for more casual occasions, there was a full array of neutral choices as well.

So although these items won’t be in stores until November, you can keep them in mind as you are planning your fall shopping. The prices are so reasonable that you can afford to add several to flesh out your winter wardrobe!

26 thoughts on “Talbots Teaser

  1. I would love to have that houndstooth long skirt to wear for a holiday party that I always hostess! The hangbag is quite fabulous too. I’m not sure about waiting until November…will they be available on-line prior to then? Looks like a fun evening out!

  2. I remember Talbot’s
    being the.thing when
    I was in high school
    and college….love to
    see them doing so well.
    Maybe it’s the U.S.
    economy that has us
    longing for the classics…..?
    I’d love to see preppy
    make a comeback when
    my girl is ready for college.
    Now those were some
    fun days : )
    xx Suzanne

  3. Happy to see you’re liking Talbot’s too. One of my girlfriends is a manager of one of their top shops in Houston, so I see everything she wears. Their handbags, shoes & scarves are wonderful, trendy but not over-the-moon prices. Sending a big hug!

  4. I love that final photo of that black dress. I must mention that for some reason, my local Goodwill store is amply supplied with Talbots clothing. Its weird, I was there looking for food props and I picked up some wonderful tops!! I felt like the luckiest woman that day!

  5. I am a girl who loves houndstooth and capes so I’m quite smitten with this line. Also really like that black envelope clutch. “Wrinkle-resistant” is always a good thing :) I do know Laura Petrie and enjoyed the reference.

  6. I noticed some months ago too that Talbots has raised the bar (quite a bit). I couldn’t be more pleased. Unlike before when i would walk pass a Talbots store, now i actually go inside:-). I love all the pieces you’ve shown. XX

  7. maybe my 11 year daughter will not say “Mommy, these are old lady clothes” anymore! There is a fine line with looking old and looking one’s age and these clothes not only look fresh but ageless. I am going for an ageless look!

  8. I CANNOT believe this is Tablots! My grandmas Talbots? LOL…..They are looking amazing! Funny because last summer I needed a pastel colored sheath dress and it was slim pickings as it was near summers end, and someone told me to go to Talbots. I hesitated but desperate I went and walked out with two great fitting classic light blue and yellow sheath dresses! Still wear them all the time and I am thrilled to hear and see that they are getting better and better!

  9. I didn’t used to be much of a Talbot’s fan. Yes they were classic but I also thought they were rather boring. As they’ve revamped their image they’ve added a bit of va-va-voom resulting is classic yet exciting pieces. I am incredibly jealous of your day!

  10. I just bought a couple of top notch man tailored shirts that gained me some compliments from my girlie peanut gallery. I didn’t tell them Talbots. Just a reminder: We are excited to be included in HGTV’s Freebie Friday giveaway tomorrow. We are giving away a cool Asian lacquer coffee or low side table in one of 5 color options, so come on by for a chance to win!! Its worth upwards of $500.00 so its our biggest yet. Send me some sweet tweets!
    Good Luck!

  11. Am surprised by how cute the accessories are! Loving those pointy black flats especially.

    And no one should snob Talbots–they put Linda Evangelista in their ads last year! :)

  12. i agree!! i got to blog for them over christmas, and got reacquainted with the line and was VERY impressed. in fact, i have been rocking one of their shirts all spring. super job on refreshing the look!!

  13. What a fantastic collection. It’s refined, chic and priced well, no doubt. Also, I like the fact that the clothing comes in a size larger than a 12. Designers of the world seem to think that the monopoly on taste is solely held by women under the size of 14. Bravo Talbots! I will be shopping with you this autumn.

  14. Wow…you are so right! I will definitely have to check them out (usually just shop there for my mom)…love that they have petite(read short) sizes…I have been on a diet and exercising like crazy. So, I am going to splurge a bit when I get down a size or two. Great post.

  15. They’ve really managed to “amp things up” and I think they’re going to be a relevant brand again.

  16. cannot find the beacon hill straw shoulder bag you mentioned on Talbots website…do you know where I can get it?

    • My guess is that since this was a spring preview, it isn’t out yet – but I can find out for you.

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