In the Pierre Frey Paris Archives with Susanna Salk and Patrick Frey

Pierre Frey

Pierre Frey is a welcome anomaly in our modern world. A luxury company, family owned, and privately held, it is dedicated to both the preservation of the past and innovation for the future. As President and Creative Director, one of Patrick Frey’s passions has been to build an extraordinary archival textile collection, now containing over 30,000 documents, that has become an invaluable resource for not only the company but designers, museums and customers around the world. This summer Susanna and I had the coveted opportunity to visit the renowned archives in Paris. Tag along as Patrick and Pierre Frey archivist Sophie Rouart give us an inspiring and illuminating tour.

It is not just the heritage firms of Braquenie (acquired in 1991) and Le Manach (acquired last spring) which contribute to the estimable archives. Patrick and his wife travel the world, constantly on the prowl for inspiration. Whether it’s in his backyard, China, Indonesia or Africa, his educated eye and open mind bring the world home to Paris. It could be a 19th century fisherman’s stool, bought for its distinctive linen stripe,

Pierre Freythis exquisite totally handmade Empire (circa 1800) man’s garment,

Pierre Freyor one of the extensive collection of antique Provencal coverlets, all eliciting the passion of discovery and love of outstanding workmanship.

Pierre FreyAnd Patrick’s office displays the eclectic mix that fuels the creative flame. From a 19th century Corot inherited from his father, to an arrow purchased from an Indian tribe in Sante Fe to modern sculptures, Corbusier classics from the 20’s

Pierre Frey or a Jacques Grange desk, his enthusiasm for great design is untold.

Pierre Frey

But history and the archives are only a part of the story. While the firm is dedicated to protecting and promoting the legacy of these great heritage brands, creation is the buzzword at Pierre Frey. So whether it is digging into the past for a collaboration with a historic chateau,

Pierre Frey creating a charming children’s line of whimsical prints, inspired by the burgeoning Frey clan,

Pierre Frey Artyor commissioning a sexy evocative video feature, the creative spirit knows no bounds.

I am looking forward to seeing and sharing with you the latest from Pierre Frey at Deco Off later this week! À bientôt!

14 thoughts on “In the Pierre Frey Paris Archives with Susanna Salk and Patrick Frey

  1. You have the most Beautiful Fabrics in this world! Wood blocks and Fabric with gold! A vault full Fabric of late history! To Die for! My God! If you could just print a book of pictures of those fabrics, there color and Designs! They are the very Best in the World! Wow!!! Your Follower and Fan Ann!

  2. I am shouting, More! More! More!

    For this textile junkie, a room filled with historic archived fabrics would be heaven. Le Manach prints knock me out …


  3. Mon Dieu, c’est merveilleux!! I’m even loving the sophistication of the “children’s” fabric, il est tout magnifique!

  4. Thank you for sharing that incredible experience. Finally got to see the Napoleon train car diorama you have told us about…wagon de l’empereur!!!!

  5. Dear Stacey and Susanna,
    It is a dream to look at these samples. “Even for us it is a dream to look at them.” -Pierre Frey quoted from your video. I am in the process of painting maquettes of The Hermitage, inspired by the samples in Studio Peregalli’s book. I gasped when you showed me the maquette of the wagon de la empereur. A million thanks to you. Sincerely, Beth Scanlon

  6. Mercy, mercy….the video made me cry!

    I love seeing the actual wood block used for printing…..

    and, my favorite lamp (which I cannot find anywhere in the States anymore) stands between the two Corbusier sling chairs. Should I, perhaps, contact Pierre Frey in Paris?! We used to call it the Lampadaire Bird floor lamp. It is simply perfect!

    Thank you for making my month :)

  7. What a wonderful experience & story. As Americans, we lack the culture of Europe to look back & treasure the past. This short video was such a tremendous eye opener that we can learn from those who have come before us … as here is proof of the intense value & joy that comes from to those who do the research. Thanks for sharing

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