Old & New at the Architectural Digest Home Show 2012

What a fabulous show this year! With the British and American participants from BlogTourNYC here and Modenus‘ fun Marys and Mimosas event, there were many delightful social distractions, yet still time to discover and visit with some wonderful exhibitors at the Architectural Digest Home Show.

I was thrilled to see friend Larry Ruhl with a booth this year for his wonderful store High Falls Mercantile.

High Falls Mercantile booth at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Show

It’s all about the patina here and Larry’s particular blend of upscale rustic chic encompasses a wide variety of unique products including his new painted furniture line with a lovely selection of color finishes.

High Falls Mercantile furniture line at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Show

Beautifully merchandised, the store carries a signature line of home furnishings from upholstery, rugs and artwork to bedding and bath items as well as a well curated assortment of charming gift products. Don’t forget to check the website as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation approach.

High Falls Mercantile display at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Show

High Falls Mercantile candles at their booth at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home ShowD. Bryant Archie‘s beautiful textiles embody a luxurious collection of handwoven blankets, pillows and throws.

D. Bryant Archie Textiles at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home ShowOriginally working with artisans in Peru, she has developed a unique niche in the design world. From gorgeous baby alpaca products to creations of Belgian linens, each piece is hand loomed or woven to Archie’s specifications. You can see the careful craftsmanship on the right below with the hand finished seams and edging on these beautiful cotton Amaleah blankets/throws made in Guatemala. In fact, I just discovered that the market editors of Architectural Digest chose them as one of the best products at the show – congratulations to Bryant!

D. Bryant Archie hand woven blankets seen at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Show

I love the beautiful colorations of the new collection. With an acknowledgement and respect for the past and yet melding perfectly with contemporary designs, they merge the best of both worlds.

D. Bryant Archie pillows at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Show

And when buying from the collection, you are supporting the indigenous artists who craft these pieces. What a wonderful way to help preserve these ancient techniques for future generations.

D. Bryant Archie pillows at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Show

Another marvelous merging of old and new is Wild Chairy, the creative brainchild of  Andrea Milhalik. I’m sure she was thrilled with her show debut as her booth has deservedly been on everyone’s “best of ” lists. The art of the handmade is clearly back and Milhalik celebrates it with a wonderful whimsical take on vintage furniture meets contemporary upholstery. Her one of a kind artisanal pieces elevate the art of repurposing to designer status.

Wild Chairy chairs at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Show

And not only are Milhalik’s fabulous creations aesthetic winners, they are made using old world techniques with only the best environmentally friendly materials.

Andrea Milhalik's Wild Chairy chairs seen at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Show

I loved this truly chairy flokati chair. While it looks like it might belong to cousin It, I’m confident it would look fabulously chic in the right room! Milhalik also had some fantastic fur footstools repurposed from gently used coats – love that they’re getting a second functional life!

Wild Chairy by Andrea Milhalik flokati chair seen at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home ShowAnd that’s the trick with these pieces. Just as it takes a trained eye to match the upholstery to the appropriate chair (Milhalik was an award winning photographer), it takes a savvy designer to make the right placement in a room.

Room 125 display at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home ShowAnother company that repurposes vintage for new decorative looks is Room 125. A collection of limited art editions, the work is organized into various categories. Some are photographs based on objects from the owners’ personal collections, blown up to iconic proportions. How often do we discuss the important of scale and proportion – it makes all the difference with these pieces, such as this giant (43.5”w x 55.5”h) print of a 19th century shuttlecock, transformed from an ordinary object to dramatic visual statement. Even the frame is repurposed – from reclaimed plank.

Room 125 limited edition print seen at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Show

Another palm size object immortalized by size is this 18th century intaglio. How elegant is this detailed tonal image framed in a white shadowbox?

Room 125 limited edition print seen at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Show

Room 125 also carries original works of art, again printed in limited runs of 175. One of my favorites was this delicate portrait of an antique French chair. At 3′ x 4′ it is a stately gesture.

Room 125 limited edition print of antique french chair seen at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Show

Stop back tomorrow for some more AD Show discoveries.

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16 Responses to Old & New at the Architectural Digest Home Show 2012

  1. Loved the interesting people and products you selected to feature! The mix of features from furniture, textiles and art gives a nice broad brushstroke. Thank you for sharing some of your favs!

  2. Lisa says:

    Loving the “hairy” flokati Wild Chairy;)

  3. The Zhush says:

    WOW! Some really great “new to me” vendors here, dying over those chairs…wild (and wonderful!) indeed, not to mention that fab artwork!

  4. I want to run around with you Stacey because you get to see the best stuff. That intaglio and that French chair picture are fabulous!

    Enjoy your day!

  5. Carla Aston says:

    Such beautiful finds! I love those textiles and blankets. Their time honored craft done in some fresher, more vibrant combinations to take on a modern feel. Great patterns.

  6. Elise says:

    All great pics!!! We missed Wild Chairy, but LOVE those chairs! It was great to finally meet Larry too. The day went by so quickly, I wish there was just more time!

  7. It does look like it was a fabulous show – and now I’m obsessed with Wild Chairy (what a clever name). Also love that little chair portrait. Looking forward to more discoveries!

  8. ann says:

    Love all the vendors – it’s always great going to events like this to see old friends and meet new vendors. I’m dying over the “furry” chair not even going to attempt to write alpaca ??? But it would fit perfectly in with my white and chocolate brown decor.

  9. So many new sources to bookmark – love seeing the show through your eyes, Q!

  10. Wonderful finds, I love the aesthetic at High Falls, wonderful pieces. The Chairy is fun, but I LOVE the orange and pink daisy chair!!

  11. pretty pink tulips says:

    Such great finds. Love that Wild Chairy!!! And, that portrait of the antique chair….perfection.

    Love that you’ve been out and about so that I could see the show!
    xoxo E

  12. pve says:

    You always make me feel as if I was tagging along right by your side.
    Thanks for sharing all these goodies. I am inspired…..now I have to get busy and down to work.

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  14. wild chairy? too cute and the style and colors are sure to make the line an instant hit. Sorry I missed the show but so glad to have you there to fill me in! xxBarbara

  15. Jane says:

    A shop that is a favorite of mine in the Hudson Valley. Larry and his crew at High Falls Mercantile are so creative and I have used their goods on many projects. I miss this part of the country as I once had my antique shop just up the road from High Falls. Magical area indeed!

  16. Kelly Market says:

    How fun! I love all the patterned chairs (surprise, surprise….) Thanks for reporting! xx

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