NY Fashion Week Fall 2012: Tory Burch

They say you should write what you know – and perhaps it’s the same with fashion design.  Tory Burch describes her fall collection as “inspired by the idea of a prim girl who’s under the spell of the wrong kind of guy. She’s an innocent, unaware of her own sex appeal…The looks are polished and proper, but with subversive undertones…”

She clearly can relate to this story and designing from the heart agrees with her, for Tory has hit a major home run with this collection. For me, this represents a big step up for the already successful designer. It’s as if she went from light romcom to Hitchcock, from ingenue to woman. Think Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief – the perfect package on the sleek surface with a taste for danger and excitement underneath.

Even the set has a pedigree. Tory used tony Gracie wallpaper as the background for her show, representing the hotel where her character and bad boy meet. Like the wallpaper she chose for her own home above, based on an antique version owned by Pauline de Rothschild, the backdrop sets the tone of privilege and breeding. Yet bored with her world of perfectly preened plumage, Tory’s girl adds a little spice to the mix, and the results are divine.

Doesn’t this remind you of something Catherine Deneuve might have worn to an “appointment” in Belle de Jour? Once you know the theme, every outfit seems to have a little secret. And Eugene Souleiman’s hair for the show follows suit “It’s when a good hair day goes bad. Pretty and chic, yet quirky. Upscale but undone. Not too perfect. There’s a poetry to the mess.”

This tulle top with organza appliqué and embroidered tweed skirt was a favorite.

The lamé coat introduced the season’s metallic gold theme to the collection

What a great combination – I love the knit sweater with floral applique paired with the patent skirt.

This outfit includes two major themes for fall – the ubiquitous peplum and leather.

In this ode to black and blue, the peplum is reduced to an asymmetrical flounce, which we saw at other shows as well.

See why the gloves are a must? It’s the leather accessorizing here that adds the touch of simmering naughty to the elegant silk geometric print dress.

And Tory’s use of tulle and appliqué in this collection are brilliant

Tulle again…And plan on getting yourself a pair of over-the-elbow gloves this fall – they are an accessory must

Another version of leather with this crinkled patent coat – red is another hot color for fall – almost all the collections featured at least one piece.

The finale of long dresses hit a whole new level of sophistication for Tory. How beautiful is this tulle and charmeuse embroidered dress encompassing two continuing trends – blue with black and the peplum. These are my own shots of the front and back of the gown.

The other two dresses were equally exquisite, ending the show on a high note of refined elegance.

In addition to the clothing, the bags were a huge hit.

And the best thing about Tory Burch, is that her designs don’t break the bank. Let’s hope that just because she has upped her game, the price points don’t go the next level as well!!

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos by Marcio Madeira/firstVIEW

22 thoughts on “NY Fashion Week Fall 2012: Tory Burch

  1. Gotta hand it to her….shes on fire. Love the collection minus a piece or two….theres a definite ode to some Chanel going on here too and I love the story line, fun! The long sleeved gown is so elegant, beauitful overall and I think introducing a few gowns is a natural way for her line to evolve. Great coverage.

  2. There’s that black/blue again! love it. And the shoes… and the funny black bag with the sparkly flowers (?) that was often an accessory to the fact. Wore my long gray gloves with a 3/4 lngth sleeve to a concert last night. Love them. Love Catherine DeN. Love ToryB.

  3. She had me at Gracie and to learn of her inspiration and your wonderful description of how spot-on Tory was, is a treat Stacey! I love your “light romcom to Hitchcock, ingenue to woman”… brilliant!! And, I totally agree. What a collection!! WOW!!! ox

  4. I’m so enjoying your coverage of fashion week–a delightful diversion! This collection is fabulous–would we ever have the nerve to wear those long gloves??

  5. This is the best Tory collection yet. I love seeing her take on something a bit more sophisticated and elegant – the results are beautiful. And that Gracie wallpaper is a stunning backdrop for this Hitchcock film come to life. Let’s hope that there’s a happy for this girl!
    Great coverage, Stacey!

  6. The last dress she sent down the runway is a beauty! I agree with you on the price point factor. I saw an Oscar on sale – on sale! – yesterday for $4500.00. I would love to see Tory continue to dance with the ones that bought her!

  7. Great coverage of this event! Tory Burch is one of my favorites. I love where she is going with style – a little Chanel feel? Gorgeous wallpaper choice.

  8. My favorite by a mile. I would wear almost every single piece (and want it all). Like the vintage vibe of the bags too. Very taken with the coat and sweater in the first two shots. I like your descriptions very much (as always).
    “There’s a poetry to the mess” is a wonderful way to describe it all, and life I suppose :)

  9. Love the ladylike elegance of this collection and the the balance of the longer skirts with the shorter jackets. How wonderful that Tory paired Gracie wallpaper with her designs.

  10. I love Tory Burch for her unique and signature style. The suits remind me a bit of Chanel. I love her designs and wish I could wear her clothes – I can wear a few items but I need very tailored clothing. I love her shoes and handbags and her price point. For those that can wear this, I’m envious. I will admire from afar and wisht his body could wear her designs. Great post.

  11. Well now I’m particulary sad I overslept and didn’t see this with you! Thank you for capturing it all so beautifully. I think this is her strongest collection to date…keep fingers and toes crossed about those prices.

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