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At Home with Susan and Will Brinson At Home with Susan and Will Brinson

While Susan and Will Brinson have successful day jobs as professional photographers, they don a multitude of hats when returning to their 19th century home in the Hudson Valley. Here you might find them acting as painter, plumber, plasterer or any number of other home renovation specialists required in the process of renovating their Greek Revival house.…
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Holiday House 2012 | Inson Dubois Wood

While I enjoy a wide spectrum of design, wild and chaotic is not normally on my list. But Inson Dubois Wood‘s dramatic ode to Venice’s Carnevale really hit a chord. Rather like the circus performer who can keep all the plates spinning in his act, this room successfully maintains the momentum of a variety of vignettes.…
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NY Fashion Week Fall 2012: Tory Burch

They say you should write what you know – and perhaps it’s the same with fashion design.  Tory Burch describes her fall collection as “inspired by the idea of a prim girl who’s under the spell of the wrong kind of guy.…
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