Nantucket Friday Favorite Finds

Nantucket Meat & Fish Market cafe

Last year, I initiated a fun Friday series from here on Nantucket which proved to be so popular, I am going to continue the weekly series this summer. Friday Favorite Finds will include island picks that are new or that I rediscover. As I have just arrived this week and have been slowly acclimating and preparing for all my children visiting for the holiday week, this week has a single entry.

Friday Favorite - Nantucket Meat and Fish MarketWhile shopping on island can include an enjoyable trip to the farms or specialty markets, parking is often an issue and the long lines at the supermarket can be off-putting. So the new Nantucket Meat & Fish Market is a welcome resource.

Nantucket Meat & Fish MarketOpened only last month at 21 Old South Road, it is family owned by Sean Ready and father John. Joining their family of stores on Martha’s Vineyard and Vermont, the gourmet food market offers not only prime hormone and steroid free meat  and fresh seafood, sourced locally when available, but a variety of prepared foods oven or grill ready – from skewered Lemon Pepper Shrimp and Cilantro Lime Scallops to Buffalo Chicken Wings and marinated meat and fish. We tried the ready-to-eat seared Ahi tuna the other night – so easy and delicious.

Nantucket Meat & Seafood seared Ahi tuna

The market includes a great selection of quality provisions

Nantucket Meat & Seafood Market provisions

fresh flowers (a small selection at the moment which I am sure will be expanded)

Flowers at Nantucket Meat & Fish Market

fresh produce, sushi, a bagel bakery, sandwich counter

Nantucket Meat & Fish Market sandwich and bakery station

coffee and drink station

coffee station at Nantucket Meat & fish Market

as well as small cafe. While it won’t fully replace your weekly grocery store run, it can augment it very nicely on many occasions and it’s a perfect stop to and from retrieving family and/or guests at the airport. A cappuccino saved me yesterday morning as I had an early pick up for my #2 coming from LA! The market is already a welcome addition to the food shopping scene on Nantucket and John assured me there is much more coming!

Nantucket Meat & Fish Market cafe

all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

7 thoughts on “Nantucket Friday Favorite Finds

  1. You’re one very lucky lady…
    Great food plus great kids !
    Happy weekend ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Senior staff have a fabulous attitude. They cut the most delectable piece of chateaubriand for me. while I waited, I picked up great fresh veggies and a few high quality pantry items. Too bad they did get the permitting to sell alcohol. I hope they can do well nonetheless. #closertosconset !!

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