My Day at Oscar – the Furs

It all began with the furs. The new collection at Richards was the ultimate temptation. In fabulous spring colors and fun wearable styles, it beckoned me every time I passed by. I think I tried on every coat or jacket in my size – on numerous occasions! Friend Linda Levy made the introduction to the charming Anthony Orlando, Director of Retail Sales for the division. It wasn’t long before we were chatting away and I was addicted. And as things go, one thing led to another…

Oscar de la Renta 2012 fall fur collectionLike everything Oscar touches, the furs are simply sublime. An essential part of the fall collection, it is difficult to separate them from the rest of the line, as with the incredible paillette and beaded silk gown worn with the fabulous black goat and fringed mink coat above. The fur collection embodies the same luxurious sensibility as the ready to wear, with impeccable quality, styling and Oscar’s vibrant sense of color. For the fashion girl looking for something special she can add some of the pastel color story with the ice dyed mind scallop edged jacket or rose dyed shadow fox chevron vest. Oscar de la Renta 2012 fall fur collection Or for a more understated color, try these elegant dyed karakul coats, the nile with a matching mink collar and the rose with a separate chinchilla hood. Oscar de la Renta 2012 fall fur collection The creative more forward pieces are masterful blends of fashionable flair and cutting edge technique. This blue multi dyed fox fringe jacket with ice dyed chinese lamb sleeves and hood would be a fabulous addition for someone looking to augment a fur wardrobe! Oscar de la Renta 2012 fall fur collection I tried this jacket on (well – I tried almost every piece on) and the intricacy of the workmanship is incredible. Oscar de la Renta 2012 fall fur collection The contrasting lamb sleeves is a fabulous feature, offering the lighter look of a vest with the warmth of a jacket Oscar de la Renta 2012 fall fur collection

I was in love with all three of these very wearable pieces – the arctic marble frost fox stole with cashmere lining, goat and mink fringed capelet and raccoon bolero with goat trim (and notice the brooch on the stole? – I tried it out below as well)

Oscar de la Renta 2012 fall fur collection

Oscar de la Renta 2012 fall fur collectionOne of the remarkable aspects of many of Oscar’s furs is the incredible weightlessness. This is achieved with a process called airgallon where the fur is hand cut by razor through a diamond shape pattern to achieve a softer three dimensional drape on the body. Both the stole and bolero above are created this way as is the voluminous fox coat below which is actually light as a feather.

Oscar de la Renta 2012 fall fur collection

And if you’re in the market for a more classic fur, look no further, Oscar is your man! Each style is the peak of chic! This mink vest and shawl collared jacket are both timeless yet modern, just like the designer himself – someone, who represents the epitome of gracious living, who designs the most elegant daywear and gowns and yet, who is also obsessed with Fox’s hit series Prison Break – most definitely a man of our time!

Oscar de la Renta 2012 fall fur collection

And this attitude is expressed across the board – from ready to wear to accessories to fur, you can expect an abiding respect for the classics with a healthy glance toward the future. This is a house that has it all!

In addition to Linda and Anthony, I’d like to acknowledge everyone at Oscar who facilitated my visit and made my day such a pleasure. Maria Reich and Heather Roe in particular – sending big thank you’s your way!!!

19 thoughts on “My Day at Oscar – the Furs

  1. Ah losing my mind over those pastel furs-the pale blue mink one especially! And of course the dark lamb sleeves jacket with furry vest look is to die for! So glad I wasn’t there, they say that if you try things on you’re something like 50-70% more likely to buy it! Looks like it was a lot of fun Stacey!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I love you in the stole with the pin! Divine! So jealous – what a wonderful time you must have had! I am free if you need an assistant to go with you next time :)

  3. It’s so cold here that I wish I could get my fingers on those furs right now. The powder blue or pale pink would help me hold on to my resolve to wear color even though the grays of winter refuse to make way for spring! Loved this behind the scenes look at Oscar’s with you, Stacey!

  4. i was just in london and there were furs everywhere. i was so jealous. some of those russian gals can really rock a fur. i think my fave of this collection is the stole with the brooch.

  5. On Saturday at our end of the ski season gathering – one very stylish gal was sporting a vest just like that….and I was wishing I had one….it was an extraordinary fur and paired with jeans and boots looked so hip. I am loving what I see. I look forward to FALL!!!

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