My Day at Oscar – the Accessories

You may not have realized how many coordinated collections there are under the Oscar umbrella. It makes adding to the look so easy and fun – supplement with as little or as much as you like – the layering is key. Oscar de la Renta’s fashion jewelry line is a bold take on accessorizing. I adore the chunky statement quality of the pieces that can hold their own against the embellished styles of the season.

Take a look at some shots from the runway to see how it’s done.

Naturally, color coordinated with the collection, ice and rosé were the color story du jour.



And don’t take it all too seriously – that’s why it’s called fashion jewelry!! Dress it up or down – just don’t leave it lingering in your drawer for special occasions only.

Many of the fabulous pieces like this are convertible so you can wear them as brooches or as necklaces. And pin it on more than just a jacket – a brooch is great for securing a cape, wrap (see the runway shot on the left) or even a fur!

Be brave, take a chance, and don’t forget Tony Duquette’s mantra – sometimes more is just right! These beautiful pieces would take any outfit from so-so to sensational!

But for those who don’t subscribe to the more is more mantra, there are always Oscar’s classic tassel earrings in a rainbow of colors

or pure metallic

The jeweled headbands were a hit on the runway and would be a festive addition come fall and the holidays

The color story continues with the bag collection. Jeweled minaudieres were shown in ice and rosé and a host of unadorned shades as well.

The nile, which I loved so much in the collection, is spectacular in the croc flat envelope

Other small clutches in neutral colors and unique materials are stunning in their elegant simplicity

The versatile and tres charmant Marilia bag comes in a wide variety of materials from stones

to suede, ribbon or fur

But yet again, if I had to choose, it would be one of these luxurious hobos – simple, elegant, perfect!!

As with any runway show, the shoes were an integral part of the presentation. They transform classic sheaths to modern style statements. The fabulous Eva bootie you saw yesterday comes in several incarnations.

Also straight from the runway, the highly decorative Ella boots

 One of my favorite runway looks was completed with the chic Rory boot

In ice and rosé naturally

And the Bella boot continues to tell the dominant color story as well.

Add the requisite gold to your fall wardrobe with the Love Ric boot embellished with embroidery or glitter

There are many pretty choices to complete the nile story in style

And for those who like their embellishment a little closer to sea level, these classics will probably do the trick

As you can imagine, there was so much more and it’s the one stop shopping that makes the mix and match so amazingly addictive. Stop by tomorrow for our final installment – the furs!!! It’s how this story all began…

14 thoughts on “My Day at Oscar – the Accessories

  1. I’ve been dreaming of a pair of those classic tassel earrings in turquoise blue. Perhaps it’s party of my craving for brighter blue skies. A little or a lot of Oscar always seems to be just right!

  2. I’ll admit that after yesterday’s post I hopped on to French ebay wondering if maybe, for some reason, Oscar would be less-known here and that by some miracle, there would be an inexpensive find or two. Uh, no.

    The boots! Arrggh. I can’t quite imagine the life one would have to need them but it is fun to dream, isn’t it?

  3. I want them all… each and every piece!! It’s not fair that I should have champagne taste and a food stamp budget… not fair at all!!! I’m truly loving these Oscar de la Renta pieces, Stacey!

  4. As always, the jewelry is making me drool. I like the vintage feel to it and agree, sometimes more is just right. Love his take on the tassel earring trend going right now. My favorite look is the first one, with the kind of wrap around the top of the coat. Chic.

  5. I adore Oscar and how he creates such elegance and don’t even get me started on those jewels…and those shoes! How fun next Fall will be with all those powdery blues.

  6. Stacey, what a fab post! Thank you for sharing your favorites and user friendly suggestions on how to wear and pair. I am putting the tassel earrings on my wish list!

  7. Any of these beautiful accessories would make an outfit stand out! The top necklace reminds me of one owned by the Duchess of Windsor and she certainly had great taste!

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