My Day at Oscar – the Collection

Who doesn’t love Oscar? Oscar de la Renta is one of only a few designers who consistently delivers timeless elegant fashion statements season after season. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to score a few pieces on sale which have remained treasured mainstays in my wardrobe.  And last month, I was thrilled to attend the Oscar de la Renta fall runway show for the first time.

A relatively intimate affair in what is to be the company’s spacious new offices overlooking Bryant Park, it was a veritable who’s who of fashionable New Yorkers. While only two seated rows deep, it was still rather difficult for me to capture good shots of the fast moving runway. But the next week, during market, I had the opportunity to spend the day at Oscar’s, with some up close and personal time with the collection. As beautiful a presentation as the clothes made on the runway, it was nothing compared to seeing the exquisite fabrics and workmanship in person.

Oscar de la Renta is a hallowed name in fashion iconography. A true gentleman who embodies both tradition and modernity, his line is representative of the man himself. And at 79, the designer has no intention of slowing down. In fact, if anything, he is accelerating. The fall collection clearly made a conscious effort toward attracting a broader audience as the brand has been doing through its social media channels as well. The hysterical video that twitter star Erika Bearman (aka @OscarPRgirl) recently released went instantly viral. It’s like the old Woody Allen saying about the shark – it has to constantly move forward or die. And Oscar is most definitely moving forward. With his savvy step son-in-law Alex Bolen at the helm, the company is expanding in both merchandise and outlook. In fact, the day I visited was Alex’s birthday and the close knit company was celebrating appropriately (yes, they were delicious).

While the fall collection represented a step in a decidedly new direction for the firm with flirty new features including witty jewel themed fabrics, fresh young pastels and youthful silhouettes, it was still all accomplished with the utmost sophistication in both fabrication and layering.

Take a peek at the details on this incredible silver paillette encrusted floral appliqué ice cashgora coat.

Ice was countered with a baby pink, named rosé in similar Bijoux printed silks, 50s inspired jewel encrusted princess dresses and dyed mink. But my favorite color story in the collection was nile, a rich blue/green redolent of both fall and its festivities. In crushed velvet, cashgora or silk, it make a smashing statement in both fashion forward and traditional designs.

Within the nile story, you can see the rich layering that makes an Oscar collection so very special. The classic nile ribbon tweed dress is layered with a coordinating but not matching tweed jacket and topped with the casually chic abstract tweed printed nylon down vest with nile fox collar. So many ways to make the look work for you!

Classic black is back for fall (did it ever go out?)  and this is territory that Oscar owns. Whether paired with white, gold or jewel tone, it is expressed with glamour and, as always, incredible detail.

Perfect for black tie or red carpet this magnificent black paillette embroidered gown with a lace ribbon embroidered tulle skirt is simply divine!!

Including gold, the color of the fall season, was a natural for the designer. From upscale casual chic

to fully ornamented gilt, gold made a strong appearance. This gold bullion and bead embroidered glitter tulle gown with iridescent gold silk taffeta skirt, worn with gold paillette Eva booties, was breathtaking.

What I never realized is how enormous the actual collection is. What we see on the runway is of course just a selection but the variety of offerings is mind boggling. I couldn’t possibly show you even half but what is particularly interesting is how the runway translates to the more retail oriented pieces for non red carpet customers.

This charming cardigan features the ice blue and jeweled theme embroidery of the runway collection in a more subdued way. I would wear this in a nanosecond!

Oscar’s classic bolero sweater reinterpreted for the fall again with ice blue jewels.

This homage could easily become a tome – there were that many beautiful pieces. But in conclusion, I thought I would show you, if I had to choose (big if), what I would pick from the runway. As soon as I saw this outfit, I knew it had to be the one, partly because of the beautiful sable tonality, perfect for someone of my coloration. Although hard to see, there is paillette embroidery on the tweed printed silk dress. And the crepe de chine coat is going to be reversible from the quilted print to the inside tweed. Exquisite in every way!!  Stop by tomorrow when we will have a look at the accessories, shoes and fabulous furs in this marvelous collection!!

23 thoughts on “My Day at Oscar – the Collection

  1. i LOVE YOUR pick, there are a lots of dazzling jewels- I hope the message isn’t getting mixed to much, there is a purity to the Oscar I love that is missing,No?

  2. Gorgeous post, gorgeous collection. I absolutely am in love with Oscar de la Renta. No one does pretty better than he does. And it’s so much fun to see it from your point of view, Stacey!

  3. That gold bullion and beaded evening dress above is stunning! I have always loved Oscar’s clothing he designs dresses for real women and they’re feminine. Like you I only have a couple of pieces but they’re timeless.


  4. Oh my goodness Stacey. You have had some wonderful experiences lately. This one is truly amazing. How fortunate you are to have experienced such beauty close at hand.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  5. Ahhhhh, Stacey, this is beautiful. A lovely behind-the-scenes look at a true artisan’s work. At some point all of us need the input of younger people. The hallmarks of Oscar are all definitely still there and I so appreciate his allowing input from someone close to him with a slightly different take of what’s happening now. That bronze gown…simply to D.I.E. for. Big hug, sweetie…

  6. Stacey, thank you for treating us to a look at greatness! Those colors… the detailing… the lines… all gorgeous! You are spot on when you write the line “embodies both tradition and modernity”. What a feast for the eyes!

  7. I love your pick, too!!! And, the idea of tweed-printed fabric… divine collection and yes, I can see the jewel-printed silk black dress on my 21 year-old goddaughter. A new direction, indeed. Great access and post!! ox

  8. You take me to the funnest places!
    I love the exciting life I get to live while I read your blog.
    My must have would be that sleeveless black dress with the adorned bottom. Of course, I’d happily take any of it if it was given :)
    DOES black ever go out?

  9. Loved seeing the gorgeous new pieces close up Stacey! I have been buying more and more de la renta pieces lately–everyone thinks I’m nuts, as it’s not really a trendy line here in California, haha but I love them and the workmanship is so beautiful!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. Oh Stacey. Oh my. OdelaR is, by far, my favorite designer. So you can imagine what bliss this post was for me, especially seeing pieces from the commercial collection in addition to the runway show. Wow.

    Thank you for making my afternoon awesome.

  11. Jaw dropped. That’s where I am right now. The icy blue combos….the black sheath with the trim. Oh my. I need a secret stash so that I can run away to Oscar!

    And, I’m salivating for the accessories!!! See you tomorrow! :)

  12. Ice blue and Oscar – what a great combination! And he does the GREATEST wedding dresses too! Thank you. It is so fun to come along with you.

  13. Simply exquisite!!! Too many fave to name. What a fantastic collection!! Thank you for sharing the inside scoop on Oscar and all the beautiful colors and beading. What an amazing piece/reversible and full of texture you selected at the end. Fantastic post!!

  14. OMG, Q – how lucky are you?! Each piece is more beautiful than the next and I love how you captured the intricacies of the fabrics. That ice blue dress is beyond…

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