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I was delighted to see that the New York Gift Fair featured hardboard placemats. Not only are they classic and elegant, but practical, and who doesn’t love that combination? With stylish designs and wipeable surfaces, it’s a win win. Several examples were seen at the Gift Show in a variety of categories and price points.

New York Gift FairAt the winter New York Gift Show, I had discovered Holly Stuart‘s smart collection of mats. This show, she moved from the smaller venue of Pier 92 to the mainstream at Javitz with great success. And no wonder, her custom cut, hand silk screened hardwood mats are beautifully executed. Backed in black, trimmed in gold and protected with two coats of matte clear polyurethane, they are a great addition to the well dressed table.

New York Gift Fair

One of the new pattern introductions was the handsome “Spade” above in sky. With a reference to the exotic trend in the market, it maintains a timeless appeal. Born out of the discovery that “dressing the table is as much fun as planning the meal,” Holly’s designs celebrate the tradition of connecting around the table.

New York Gift Fair

You can imagine how much I liked the new persimmon colorway above and the second new pattern, Persia, can be seen in the bottom back left. The designs are also available as sets of coasters, perfect as hostess or holiday gifts.

New York Gift Fair

A new entry at the Gift Show was Monique Ogilvie‘s elegant couture collection. An interior designer out of Palm Beach, Monique’s hardboard placemats are hand-painted in watercolor and gouache and then digitally transferred to the placemat surfaces that have been primed, sanded, hand painted, and coated with applications of protective varnish and backed with velour. From graphic designs such as this snappy Nautical mat

New York Gift Fair

to delicate florals like the limited edition Les Papillons

New York Gift Fair to other natural subjects such as this Water Lily collection,

New York Gift Fair

Ogilvie’s mats are designed to work with and complement fine china patterns from around the world. Available in a variety of shapes and designs, they make wonderful gifts for anyone who appreciates dining in style.

New York Gift Fair

You can see here how the same mat in marine blue gives a completely different effect.

New York Gift Fair

In addition to her limited edition existing designs, Monique Ogilvie is pleased to create placemats to any specifications including monograms, insignias etc. or to complement your china. The possibilities are endless!

Wishing everyone a very happy long weekend!!

10 thoughts on “New York Gift Fair Hard Core Tabletop

  1. These are just “DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!” Endless, beautiful, combinations- I’m passing this one on to “marketing friends”…what great housewarming, etc. gifts!!! franki

  2. What I like best about the Holly Stuart mats is the shape! It’s hard to find round mats of ANY kind… and I have a round table…Thanks for the info (once again…)

  3. Gorgeous collections. I own one set of hardboard placemats which I adore. I like the tone they set. I even like using them on the patio. It just adds an extra touch a elegance.
    I really like the round collection you have shown here. A modern touch to a classic elegance… lovely.

  4. These placemats are so beautiful. And I love how they are combined here with so many gorgeous plates. Thanks for bringing us this lovely dose of tabletop beauty, Stacey. Have a great Labor day weekend!

  5. I have “hardcore” placemats that still look good after 20 years. Remember Pimpernel? The Holly Stuart/ Monique Ogilvie versions convince me to stray from the bridal registry conundrum. After all, we know what their china looks like and everybody is sending plates and dishes. These girls are working hard at new careers and haven’t shopped enough (unless they are my girls). I am officially straying and opening accounts! I’m sad to have missed the gift show, but I had the most beautiful wedding– ever– to attend. Thanks for the glimpse and great picks.

  6. These placemats are gorgeous! My grandmother always used hard placemats – the Pimpernel placemats with the Hooker Fruits on them – which I also have, along with the Pimpernel Spode Christmas Tree placemats. I rarely use cloth placemats, despite having a drawer full of them.

    I will definitely need to check these placemats out – thank you for the tip!

    – Holly

  7. Holly Stuart totally rocks! I love the designs in this feature. I have a few mismatched placemats from the past…no idea when they were made but I use them to protect my tabletops when I work with my orchids and African violets.

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