Dressy Designers We Love Video Part 1

There has long been a link between fashion and interiors, with some designers straddling both sides of the creative divide. We can all think of so many whose personal style is as distinctive as their interiors. So in honor of fashion week, Susanna and I are thrilled to present two videos of 16 dressy designers we love as they share the intersection of their style worlds on camera. Join us vicariously today at the 1stDibs showroom in the New York Design Center for Part 1 as we celebrate #NYFW. Here’s to a fashionable fall!

All the designers were kind enough to share the sources for their chic on-camera wardrobes so you can be inspired by their sources for fashion as well as interior design.


Charlotte Moss in Designers We Love video part 1CHARLOTTE MOSS – Caftan: Madeline Weinrib; Earrings: Mish gold coral branch with the designer’s own coral drop; Necklace: Robert Kuo coral beaded links with antique coral cross; Bracelets: Vintage Elsa Peretti for Halston

Scot Meacham Wood in Dressy Designers We Love Video

SCOT MEACHAM WOODDistrict Check Tweed Sport Coat : Brooks Brothers; Dress Stewart Bow Tie : Ralph Lauren; Classic White Oxford Shirt : Brooks Brothers; Footwear : Stubbs and Wootton: Glasses : Oliver Peoples “Shelldrake”; Pocket Square : vintage Hermes; Black Motorcycle Leather Belt : Vintage; Watch : Timex; Grosgrain Watchband : Brooks Brothers; Anchor/Rope Bracelet : Mainsai; Patchwork “School Scarf” Bag : Rugby by Ralph Lauren;     Socks : practically NEVER

Scot Meacham Wood in Dressy Designers We Love video

robert couturier in dressy designers we loveROBERT COUTURIERRaincoat and suit: Custom made in London; Shirt: Charvet; Tie: Hermes; Shoes (seen in video) Lobb; Umbrella (seen in video): La Grenouille

Robert Couturier in Dressy Designers We Love video

Darren Henault in Dressy Designers We Love

DARREN HENAULTJacket and shirt: Lord Willy; Pants: Ralph Lauren Black Label; Shoes: Fratelli Rossetti; Bracelets: Bowen; Watch: Rolex (see below)

Darren Henault in Dressy Designers We Love video

Tilton Fenwick in Dressy Designers We Love videoTILTON FENWICK: SUYSEL (above and below right) – Dress: Moschino; Watch: Cartier; Bracelet: Bulgari; Ring: Vintage; ANNE (above and below left) – Dress: Alexander McQueen; Necklace: KEP Designs; Ring: her own.

Tilton Fenwick in Dressy Designers We Love Video

Doug Meyer in Dressy Designers We Love Video

DOUG MEYERGlasses: Warby Parker; Sport Coat: Thom Browne; Shirt: Thom Browne (button down oxford); Tie: Paul Smith; Pant: Acne Studio Jeans (rubber dipped bottoms – me); Belt: Loro Piana; Shoes: Brooks Brothers (Long Wingtips); Tote: Black Fleece (below)

Doug Meyer in Dressy Designers We Love video

Sara Gilbane in Dressy Designers We Love videoSARA GILBANEDress: Peter Pilotto; Shoes: Manolo Blahnik; Necklace: Valentino

Sara Gilbane in Dressy Designers We Love video

James Andrew in Dressy Designers We Love videoJAMES ANDREW –  Suit (linen, silk and cashmere glen plaid), Shirt (rose mini check cotton with French cuffs), Tie (brown and pink floral silk) and Loafers: all Tom Ford; Pocket square (pink and white retro print silk): Charvet Paris; Cuff links (shell and coral): Seaman Schepps; Watch: Rolex; Boutonniere (pink sillk carnation): Gentleman’s Gazette boutique; Fragrance: Creed Windsor.

James Andrew in Dressy Designers We Love video

Thank you to all our guests today! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for MORE Dressy Designers we love as eight more dashing decorators share their fashionable style!

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16 Responses to Dressy Designers We Love Video Part 1

  1. jane K. Schott says:

    Fabulous! These are my choices also. Terrific post!

  2. Can’t get enough! Loved it!

  3. Loved it! ALL beautiful & creative. Doug Meyer’s pant hems – superb!

  4. Karena says:

    Stacey and Susanna,
    Thank you for featuring some of my very favorite designers! They are all standouts in both fashion and design! Excited to see Part II!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. This was such a fun post! Scot always looks so dapper! They all make me want to up my own game!!

  6. Therese Long says:

    So fun!
    Loved it… can’t wait for the next installment

  7. franki says:

    “Dress with Respect!!!!” Susanna brings out the best..even in dressing. Get up, DRESS UP and Show up!! franki

  8. Kim says:

    That was so much fun to read and watch! And it looked like it was fun to produce. Thank you!

  9. John Des Lauriers says:

    Susanna and Stacey,
    This is fun and great! Can’t wait to see part 2!

  10. Thank you for such a fabulous post! Everyone looks fantastic. Can anyone tell me where to fine the Bowen bracelets that Mr. Hennault is wearing? I love them.



  11. Part one and Part two on Dressy Designers We Love was the perfect blog. I identified with every comment from each designer and appreciate the thought and care with which each sartorial choice was chosen and discussed – how the way we dress is a celebration and continuation of our work and our world, a mitt or to us if you like – and also a sign of respect in a mass culture that often seeks to minimise the importance and significance of appearance. Fantastic, many thanks.


  12. Suburbohemian says:

    Absolutely loved this.

  13. Jimmie Henslee says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Truly unique and enjoyable,…as always Q steps the game up for readers and other style blogs. Such great insight into a very personal arena for all involved. Keep the great interviews coming! I love the commitment and the ease with which Susanna delivers!

  14. Great post!
    I enjoyed meeting these designers and their own fashion sensibilities.
    I always wear lots of happy colors and so do my rooms!

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