Brimfield Bounty 2

As a neophyte Brimfield attendee, I must admit the enormity of the event was a tad overwhelming. Luckily, after checking in at the Brimfield Tweet Up VIP tent, Michael Diver, the managing editor of Traditional Home, kindly invited me to tag along with him and Doris Athinios, Senior Art and Antiques Editor to the J&J field, the original, largest and widely considered premier show at Brimfield. Run by Jill Reid Lukesh and Judith Reid Mathieu, J&J shows on the original field where their father, Gordon Reid, began Brimfield in 1959. I wish I had allowed more time to peruse the amazing offerings at this location.

Even the trucks were of interest! As we were making our way toward the vintage jewelry that both Doris and I wanted to see, we ran into some friends.

Jill Waage of Better Homes and Gardens had already scored some loot. Michael on the left and Doris on the right flank stylish editor/stylist Stacy Kunstel, also cofounder of the fabulous Dunes and Duchess.

I mustered all my will power to resist the beautiful offerings at Michael Weinstein’s booth. His collection of jewelry, artifacts and objets d’art was impressive but it would have taken hours to weed through all the gorgeous tempting cameos alone.

I loved all the ivory

As well as this beautiful coin silver teapot.

Olivia Garay is another reputable dealer with a fabulous selection of vintage jewels, such as this Austrian/Hungarian  early 20th century necklace

and Bakelite pin from the original factory.

She also carries the unique work of contemporary artist Lawrence Vrba. I just loved this distinctive brooch!

I actually ran into compatriot Kelley Moore there who found a fabulous bracelet (snapped with her phone)!!

Then it was time to visit client Pandora de Balthazár’s tent. But first I stopped next door at Lone Ranger Antiques, specializing in unique Swedish country furniture. Owner Jeffree Turney had a wonderful range of pieces and I’m delighted to report, a website as well.

Even after working on her site for months, I was still amazed at the size and bricks and mortar quality of Pandora’s tent.

Everything was even more beautiful in person. You can imagine how much I loved the pops of orange on this elegantly neutral bed!

Rustic chic slipcovers

 And spectacular custom upholstery on this antique bench

and arm chairs

The monograms were exquisite.

Here is the beautiful antique linen after it has been prepared for custom applications

and a peek at some of the primitive antique decorative pillows.

I don’t have any photos of the luxurious bed because for most of the time, I was in it!! I think I might have actually fallen asleep!

On my way out, I stopped by Historical China to drool over their incredible Staffordshire

and caught site of a few other interesting looking displays including old chocolate molds

and vintage glass, both colored in my new favorite shade of green

or clear as in these pressed glass examples.

Amazingly, I managed to escape with my wallet intact! Next year I’ll be sure to arrive earlier to “catch the worm”. Kudos to Cynthia and Gretchen for organizing such a fabulous event!!

25 thoughts on “Brimfield Bounty 2

  1. Heaven on earth. :) I would have been delayed for a while by the mirrors and of course the beautiful linens! Also, the tribal rug running under some of the chairs…beautiful earthy rich colors. Very fun! BTW, I have added you to my blog roll…

  2. that is amazing! i am impressed such a gorgeous event was put together. i’m also VERY impressed with how chic you look and how gorgeous those monogrammed linen pillows are. yum!

  3. Wow you showed all my favorite things…my heart was racing looking all the beauty!! Those monogrammed shams…holy cow so gorgeous. The jewelry the light colored furniture, the beautiful antique china..its all so amazing! I cannot wait to go there…thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!

  4. Hi Stacey! Everything you photographed I absolutely adore. The cameos and ivory are just amazing. I have a Bakelite riding boot pin and love it [the horse is a gem]. I asked the Lone Ranger to scout-out beds while in Sweden this summer. He’s a really nice guy. WOW! Pandora’s tent… absolutely beautiful!! Must try to get to Brimfield this spring or next fall. ox

  5. Delicious! After reading your tweets and now this post, I have encouraged several of my design friends to partake in Brimfield’s bounty in May 2012. We’ll be the drooling ladies from Ottawa. See you there.

  6. Ah! There are no words. It just got better and better with each photo. I think I would have probably had a sensory overload meltdown if I would have been there. So fun to see it through your eyes. The Pandora de Balthazar linens are just amazing. Love, love!

  7. I would just be so overwhelmed with so much eye candy! The cameos were so numerous. The linen on those pieces of furniture and bedding is so calming and organic looking but with elegance. You must have been so overwhelmed at times. Just beautiful.

  8. We were wanting to go, but it rained here the entire time and the weather channel showed the same in Brimfield. I’m so glad you saw some sun! It IS overwhelming, especially the first time! Maybe we’ll see you there next Spring! Looks like it was a great time!

  9. Stacey, this is amazing. I especially loved the Staffordshire. What beautiful things. I have always wanted to go to Brimfield and have read about it for years in magazines. Thanks for taking us along!

  10. Thank you for the wonderful roundup! I missed the show this time (maybe better…considering the weather!) but have seen so much thanks to your blog. Til next May….

  11. I have seen several blogs that have taken us on a journey through Brimfield, but yours is by far my favorite. You are interested in many of the same pieces I am interested in. The cameos made my heart stop and the blue and white and the crystal, I could go on and on. Thank you for such a lovely tour!! Kathysue

  12. Wait, what?? You went home empty-handed?? I would love to go one day. And I would need a guide to get thru it and someone to bargain for me! Great photos and of course love the monograms!
    xo Cathy

  13. I’m standing here shaking my head and wondering how the heck you left Brimfield without buying a thing????? How is that even possible? I can’t say the same thing probably why I own a truck rather then car….lol. You’re a stronger woman then I am!

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