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Newel Antiques

Since 1939, Newel Antiques has been an insider’s resource for an incredible selection of wide-ranging decorative and fine arts. Originally founded by Meyer Newman as a prop house for Broadway shows, Newel is still, four generations later, a major supplier for the entertainment industry, from TV shows such as Sex and the City, Gossip Girl and Boardwalk Empire to movies including The Godfather and The Thomas Crown Affair. But Newel Antiques is also a favorite among designers and style mongers who stalk its vast holdings for finds among its 45,ooo square feet of merchandise.


In 2011, Newel partnered with gallery owner Guy Regal to revitalize the legacy. With an eye toward expanding their customer base and spreading the word about their truly incredibly inventory, Regal has helped to transform the behemoth warehouse into a more accessible resource. A chic new showroom on the main floor, designed by Jim Aman and John Meeks of Match Studios, recently celebrated its first anniversary. Last month, I visited with Guy, who gave me a personal tour. Come along and get a peek inside this New York legend. And be sure to check back soon as we take a look at more of the treasures lurking within Newel’s hallowed halls.

Welcome to Newel Antiques

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  1. Stacy that video was so much fun to get to see and that Gallery is amazing. It would make a fun rainy day to explore. Thank you so much to you and Guy for sharing it with us.


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