Coming Soon from AmericasMart and Beyond

As you know, I have spent the last couple of days in Atlanta, visiting an old friend as well as attending and speaking at AmericasMart. What an enormous and product-packed show! While I had very little time to explore, I did manage to hit a couple of showrooms that I will be sharing soon. And I have an exciting new travel plans to share…

Americas MartSo stay tuned…

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4 Responses to Coming Soon from AmericasMart and Beyond

  1. the zhush says:

    so exciting…just really hope we get a behind the Q video of your presentation!:)

  2. Franki Parde says:

    Photos…more photos…I look at them over and over and… franki

  3. Lisa McMahon says:

    As suspected, lots of green! LOVE those chunks 0′ emerald gems! Also, are those Champagne glasses as big as they look?! Add those to your annual Champagne post! And yes, more pics please!!!

  4. Love your blog,I follow it religiously!

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