At Home with Susanna Salk and Robert Couturier Part Deux | The Library

There were so many scene-worthy moments at the Connecticut house of Robert Couturier that we decided to offer you a short sequel, an amuse bouche of sorts. Welcome to chez Robert part deux – the library!

From an antique federal door arose the marvelous free standing structure that is Robert Couturier’s library. My photos pictured the myriad of construction accoutrements for the latest house addition, but below is its normal graceful state.

photo courtesy of Robert Couturier Inc.

With an octagonal interior, flanked with resurrected columns from a house of the same era as the door, it is filled with books, collections and exquisite furnishings, a marvelous melding of classic American architecture with French interior style. The lead fabric is the Le Manach pattern Marie-Amelie, named for Louis Philippe’s wife, for whom it was originally produced. Silk velvet and Holland & Sherry embroidered pillows grace the elegant chaise.


Perhaps inspired by the famous library at Château de Groussay, both the chaise and fabulous leather desk set are by Emilio Terry, who collaborated with Charles (Carlos) de Beistegui on the addition to his legendary 19th century chateau.


Overlooking the lake below, Robert Couturier has created a luxurious refuge of timeless elegance to satisfy his thirst for knowledge, beauty and joie de vivre. An inspiration for all.


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10 Responses to At Home with Susanna Salk and Robert Couturier Part Deux | The Library

  1. Flamingo says:

    That bookshelf from the second picture is simply amazing. It hides perfect in the decor, you almost think those books are flying !

  2. Jane Schott says:

    I love all the objects that grace the tabletops. How wonderful to have a library like this…it’s really magical.

  3. Martin Vorel says:

    Interesting building design. Here in Czech we have not someting like this.. nice

  4. I loved your decoration. Your furniture selection and paint color selections are awesome. And they looking great in that lighting.

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  5. What an extraordinary home. These two posts have been just beautiful, Stacy. I’ve always wanted a library – I love how this one is a light-filled space, not too dark. I would be in this room constantly, I think. Lovely!

  6. Really special. So wonderful of you to share.

  7. Elaine says:

    Really enjoyed this, both parts un and deux!

  8. David A. Novak says:

    What a joyful, comfortable home, and with such a spirit! Thank you for letting the visitors of this blog visit. As a book collector, I am filled with delight by the library. Can you share some information about the collection of books? Favorites? Highpoints? I would greatly enjoy knowing how the collection came about and your particular interests in books. Thank you.

  9. Franki says:

    Charming, Charming, Charming!!! franki

  10. AL Spok says:

    I can watch Robert’s Work all Day !!!

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