At Home with Carolyne Roehm – Design & Style: A Constant Thread

Carolyne Roehm new book Design & Style A Constant Thread

We have celebrated Carolyne Roehm’s many talents here before – in the garden, setting the table, the renovation and decoration of her beautiful Charleston home. With the publication of her new book (her 13th !!) Design & Style A Constant Thread, we can now marvel at the constant thread that has been at the core of all her creative endeavors throughout the years. Whether designing fashion or jewelry, decorating homes or growing, photographing and painting flowers, Carolyne has always explored her passions with both studiousness and zeal. Please tag along with Susanna Salk and me behind the scenes at Weatherstone, Carolyne’s beautiful Connecticut home for a peek at how, as she says, “magic is made when the thread of character becomes entwined with one’s desires and dreams.”

Carolyne’s lifelong love of learning, artistry and the natural world have over the years been woven into a tapestry of beauty and impressive accomplishments. With passion and perseverance she has pursued and mastered a wide variety of creative pursuits, all connected by an “innate love of color, nature, quality and classicism.”

Carolyne Roehm Design & StyleFrom her small town childhood in Missouri to her formative years at Oscar de la Renta, through the high flying “roaring 80’s” in New York City and beyond, the book takes us through the admirable staying power and evolution of Carolyne’s many talents.

Carolyne Roehm Design & Style A Constant Thread from RizzoliAs Carolyne explains, “nature is the defining element, it informs almost everything for me. It has taught me composition, color – even the fine art of tactility. Yet of all the lessons nature has to offer, the most valuable one is the hardest to realize: simplicity.”

Carolyne Roehm Design & Style A Constant ThreadSo thank you Carolyne, you have been and continue to be an incredible wellspring of artistry and inspiration! Here’s to your next creative incarnation!

Carolyne Roehm new book Design & Style A Constant Thread

18 thoughts on “At Home with Carolyne Roehm – Design & Style: A Constant Thread

  1. Delightful. The closing moments, with Carolyne’s magnificent silk ball gown billowing in a fairy-tale garden, were magical. Best wishes.

  2. Absolutely incredible, Carolyne!! Such style, such class, such grace. I once commented to a blog post, and she REPLIED to me. I about fell off my chair. I am so in awe of her talents!! Here I am in deep Umbria. Thank you both.

  3. I’m back for another VIEWING!!!!!!!!!!
    I want her BANGLES THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a TREAT!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH these VIDEOS are SO FUN for us !To Hear HER voice as well is such a Thrill for me!It’s the Little things that make us SMILE!

  4. I have the New Book ! ( also many of old Books ) Carolyne Roehm in everythings she Designs,
    Dresses, Homes, Gardens, Parties, Food, Books and buying Antiques. Charolyne makes The World more Beautiful. A True STYLE Maker !

  5. Awesome as always! Loved when she was talking about the 80s. I’ll never forget her first big fashion show; everyone, and I mean everyone … Pat Buckley, Nan Kempner, Chessie Raynor, the list goes on … was front row center. Fabulous.

  6. She is beautiful inside and out, a tru renaissance woman. That is the definition of elegance. I wish she had her own show, we could all learn so much and it would be a feast for the eyes. Thank you for this video.

  7. Thank you for all of the fabulous places you take us with your videos. This one did not disappoint. We were reminded that she lost everything in a fire but look how she bounced back! Carolyne Roehm is a delight and a one of a kind talent. I’d love to see more of her wardrobe sometime. XOXO, Brenda

  8. Adore all of your books. Beautifully illustrated and very creative. Many have tried to copy but they can’t capture your magic.

  9. I will always remember years ago when Carolyne came to Filoli in Woodside, CA. and I did the publicity and feel very fortunate to have met her ! I also saw her at a Luncheon in San Jose at the Fairmont Hotel and she graciously accepted all the newspaper clippings I had saved for her ! I love to look at her books that I have collected over the years and have a passion for blue and white that graces my house !

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