At Home in New York City with Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams has had a long and distinguished career in design yet continues to harness her unbridled creative energy, evolving and always moving forward with curiosity and enthusiasm. So when an apartment upstairs in the New York City building where she has lived for over thirty years became available, she and husband, antiquarian and legendary shopkeeper John Rosselli, jumped at the chance for more light and a little more space! Please join me and Susanna for a visit with Bunny in her stunning “new” Manhattan apartment.

Bunny and John are inveterate collectors so while they incorporated much of what they already owned into the new apartment, Bunny took the opportunity to give it all a facelift, carefully rethinking spaces, adding and revising existing architectural elements to transform what was a dreary apartment into an elegant and livable home.

Bunny Williams Manhattan living room via Quintessence

Recycling much-loved antiques, Bunny added more contemporary pieces, including those from her Bunny Williams Home collection, like the Rufus Drinks Table, below, for a fresh take on classic style (rug is needlepoint).

Bunny Williams Home Rufus Drinks Table

While the apartment featured large rooms, Bunny overcame their long awkward shapes, successfully creating multipurpose rooms for glamorous yet versatile city living. Below, Bunny can enjoy her morning coffee by the window

Bunny Williams library:dining room via Quintessence

while the other darker end doubles as a stylish dining or work space!

Bunny Williams NYC dining room:livrary

Throughout the apartment, Bunny has melded sophisticated interiors with comfort and practicality, for not only her and John, but even their beloved dogs – the slipper chair next to Bunny’s spectacular mirrored bed so they can climb up!

Bunny Williams Manhattan bedroomall photos above by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

So thank you Bunny, for welcoming us into your stunning new apartment and sharing so many illuminating design tips with us – it’s always a masterclass with you!! Be sure to check out our other videos with Bunny including a tour of the NYC kitchen!

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16 thoughts on “At Home in New York City with Bunny Williams

  1. Your “quicktour” has left a “lasting impression” on my soul. This IS…”what’s it all about.” I “get it.” So pleased you “captured this moment’…I will watch it many more times. feanki

  2. My favourite dream designer of all time! Thank you for this wonderful virtual visit with Ms. Williams and the chance to move through these beautiful, warm and layered rooms.

  3. What a gorgeous way to start my day! Thank you so much for this visual feast! Bunny is always magnificently true to herself. I love her genius for layering texture, color, art snd objects. Each room is a treasure!

  4. This is so inspiring! Ridiculously beautiful – EVERY room – the artwork, mirrors, antiques, fabric, sculpture, rugs, joinery, and detailing… j’adore. She is so generous with sharing ideas and sound advice. Merci beaucoup!

  5. Just fabulous! I am continually amazed at her genius at assembling all these different colors, textures and objects in a way that allows everything to emerge as one beautiful composition. I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone else do this so magnificently.

  6. What a special treat. Being in Bunny Williams apartment is a gift
    .Thank you so much for letting us tag along.

  7. Bunny is best! So knowledgable and generous with advice. I am searching for Clarence House fabric in her bedroom. The prettiest thing ever! Do you know the name?

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