Setting the Table with Marian McEvoy – A New Video Series

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Regular readers know my longstanding love of tabletop so I am especially thrilled to announce the debut of a new video series – Setting the Table With! As we initiate the series just in time for spring/summer entertaining, my video partner, Susanna Salk, and I are excited to take you behind the scenes with notable tastemakers, who will be sharing their tips and advice on how to set a stylish table at home. And who better to kick it off the series than the inimitable Marian McEvoy, whose passion for entertaining can be seen regularly on her intimate Instagram feed. What could be more delightful than an invitation to dine chez Marian! So please join us for a visit at her charming Hudson Valley home as Marian shows us her distinctive tricks of the trade for setting the table!

Some people have style in spades and Marian certainly falls into this pool. Not only is she fabulously fashionable, a gifted writer and exemplary editor, she is the master of craft. From her visual feast of a craft room, with glue gun at hand, she creates a myriad of dazzling decor and decoration. As viewed on her table, Marian’s latest oeuvre is Corkillage, a collection of objets made of corks and acorns. From mirrors and boxes to castles and orbs, these one of a kind creations are a feat of craftsmanship and imagination.

Marian McEvoy Corkillage in her house

From a vast collection of wine bottle corks, to which friends and neighbors contribute, Marian cuts, assembles, glues and occasionally paints her architectural creations. In natural and her signature red, white and black, her imagination knows no limits.

Marian McEvoy Corkillage

And opening next week, on May 2, Marian is  having her first show, hosted by Jane Stubbs and Emily Eerdmans at Eeerdmans Fine Art.

Eerdmans Fine Art invitation to Marian McEvoy Corkillage show

So, thank you Marian – you are an inspiration! Don’t be surprised if we steal your signature napkin fold and we can’t wait to add a little bit of corkillage to our tables as well!

Setting the Table with Marian McEvoy

photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

16 thoughts on “Setting the Table with Marian McEvoy – A New Video Series

  1. Brilliant idea Stacey and Susanna. Thank you both for this new video series!!!
    Marian’s recommendations are music to my ears. I fully agree with her advice.
    Indeed anything plastic and I would add or paper napkins on the table at home is a definite NO-NO.
    I look forward to the next video …
    Merci beaucoup

    • Thank you Eric – next time Susanna and I are in Paris together, we will have to film chez toi!

  2. I would love to be a guest at Marian’s beautiful dinner tables! Great lessons learned. I think she would be a lot of fun too. This was a great video!!

  3. Love it!! Love it !! Your new video series is fab . I think Marian is great ! She’s so inspirational
    In every thing she does . Thanks.susanna and team.

    From Hazel uk Manchester xx

  4. That was delightful. Love how she explained the the dessert fork and spoon placement and how simple her thoughts were about the menu. A video explaining all the various forks and numerous victorian serving utensils would be most welcome.

  5. Love this new video series! Liked her tip about how to remember to put the desert fork and spoon on the table!

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