Stylish Shopping with Susanna Salk and Amanda Nisbet

Amanda Nisbet

What could be more fun than jewelry shopping with the talented and ebullient Amanda Nisbet? It is abundantly clear that Amanda loves what she does and that enthusiasm translates brilliantly into her spirited and distinctive interiors. Filled with color and energy, her rooms bring a fresh approach to modern luxury. Like the gems we saw, Amanda’s designs are simply dazzling and we couldn’t be more pleased than to welcome her as our latest guest on Stylish Shopping.

Since 1998, Amanda has been bringing an elegant eclecticism to her clients’ rooms. Schooled in art history with time spent in Florence and at Christies, she knows how to blend past and present with unexpected yet soulful juxtapositions that have become her signature style.

Amanda Nisbet

Yet Amanda’s spaces still exude a high level of comfort and livability, all with a personalized focus on her clients’ wants and needs.

Amanda Nisbet

Sophisticated layering with a “casual-seeming but carefully considered collage of color, texture and pattern” inform her rooms. It’s all about the mix and with Amanda, that means a glamorous combo of bold and brave with wit and whimsy. Messing with perfection is one of her mantras, and it’s that final “disruptive” touch that lends her designs their unpredictable charisma.

Amanda Nisbet

With a textile line available at Holland & Sherry showrooms, Harbinger in LA, Travis in Atlanta and Tigger Hall in Australia, a lighting line with Urban Electric (her Travers light below) and rug collection coming from Studio Four, Amanda is constantly finding ways to turn her translate her inspiration.

Amanda Nisbet For more on Amanda, her thoughts on design, and her work, her book is chock full of

Amanda Nisbet

We had a ball and and now have plenty of ideas for our birthday and holiday lists! Special thanks to Faraone Mennella, David Webb and Verdura for their kind hospitality.

Amanda Nisbet

21 thoughts on “Stylish Shopping with Susanna Salk and Amanda Nisbet

  1. It looks like you had fun Stacey… I have been following along on Instagram… Amanda’s design is absolutely gorgeous… her use of space and colour wonderful… xv

  2. OMG what is the wallpaper the third picture from the bottom? LOVE IT! And thaat all blue living room it’s stunning. Looks like you had fun Stacey I just love your job!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Amanda’s designs have always blown me away. She seems just as kind & fun as she is talented. What a terrific shopping duo and enjoyable to watch. I can see Amanda’s designs now and understand more. Thank you Stacey, fabulous as always!

  4. Thank you! Thank you! This was like a glorious 4 minute vacation! The colors and textures are lovely — and the jewelry is simply divine. I have a tech question. What type of video camera/phone? are you using to film these great episodes?
    With thanks!

  5. I had such a good time! I love these shopping tours, and I especially love how you integrated shots of Amanda’s work in the video that illustrated perfectly the inspirations they were discussing. What a fun morning.

  6. Thank you for making the connection between jewelry and art. I know I am inspired by vintage and estate pieces. Van Cleef and Arpels are masters at combining colors. David Webb is the king of whimsical designs. Verdura inspires one to mix materials.

  7. I’ve been down your amazing rabbit hole of a blog this afternoon. Netflix has ruined me, I like to take long gulps of multiple episodes. Fun catching up finally! I love your videos and plethora of posts. We’ve been working on snippets of multiple projects here locally and on the web. I will be in New York in September to visit my Mother, the girlies and do a gadabout. If you have any suggestions of fun events around that time, let me know and I’ll juggle my dates accordingly. Thanks for an awesome afternoon!

  8. Very interesting. Always intrigued by what inspires a creative person, and the link between jewelery and interior design makes so much sense. Love vivid color in rooms but never have had the confidence to pull it off.

    Thank you,
    Harry B

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