Ananbô Panoramic Wallpapers

It’s been a busy week in these parts as my youngest prepares to go off to school. In the midst of shopping and packing for her new school experience, I was delighted to learn something new this week as well. I actually discovered the beautiful Ananbô panoramic wallpapers a while back but when I accidentally revisited them this week, I took that as a sign it was time to share. Taking inspiration from the past, the papers are painted entirely by hand, then scanned and printed in their Bordeaux workshops.

Ananbô panoramic wallpapersThe results are reminiscent of classic 18th century landscape painting. Whether the chic monochromatic appeal of grisaille as in this Scène d’Orient


Ananbô panoramic wallpapers

and Campaign

Ananbô panoramic wallpapers

or the colorful landscape of Lake,

Ananbô panoramic wallpapers

or the exotic appeal of Bengale,

Ananbô Bengale panoramic wallpaperyou can be assured they will enhance any style environment. Campaign adds so much depth and detail to this rustic chic vignette

Ananbô panoramic wallpapers

There is a large selection of scenes and of course everything can be customized. More recent additions include The Garden with Pink Flamingo

Anabô panoramic wallpapers

Ananbô panoramic wallpapers


Anabô panoramic wallpapers

and the more contemporary and graphic Garden View.

Anabô panoramic wallpapers

A chic installation can be seen in La Chartreuse du Château Le Thil in the heart of the Graves vineyards at Smith Haut Lafitte in Bordeaux.

Ananbô panoramic wallpapers

Ananbô panoramic wallpapers

But I’m sure as you are perusing the site you will be inspired to think of creative uses of your own.

13 thoughts on “Ananbô Panoramic Wallpapers

  1. I loved seeing your blog this morning. My aunt travelled extensively in the 50s-70s and saw Panoramic Wallpaper in a hotel in the south of France. She realized it was the perfect treatment for her dining room walls and would unify her home in a way she had always wanted. She said it was like bringing the Mediterranean home. She returned to her home in rural Indiana with a plan and mission. I remember well, all the discussions, planning, ordering samples from the European designers and the final reveal of the most wonderful dining room I had ever seen. She said she could image the sea was just past the veranda. We would stand and drink our tea in the evenings and she would say,”on a night like this, can’t you just smell the sea.” Thank you.

    • this is my favorite comment in my 12 or so years on the internet!

      what a cool Aunt! Take the south of France back to rural Indiana! Sheesh!

      What a lady!!! WOW!!!!

      I bet you did “smell the sea” when you were at her house!

      I am serious……this is delightful and special. I will print this out and save it forever!

  2. These murals are truly wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I love the previous comment of how the.murals brought the Mediterranean home. Growing up in Texas I remember a stunning mural in my grandmothers kitchen installed by Ida Merle Berry which had fantastic shades and subtleties of green and violet. It made the space magical!

  3. Thank you for the introduction; these are stunning. I love the contemporary grisaille ‘Garden View’ and the bedroom installations have given me some ideas.

  4. Thank you for sharing this company. I love the many different ways we can bring the feeling of nature into the home. The old masters seemed to do it best! And now, with these new printing technologies, the possibilities!

  5. Do you happen to know if these wall papers are available for delivery to the US?
    If so through which site?
    Any help would be appreciated,
    Aimée Nelson

  6. I would love to know if these wallpapers are available in the US as well.
    My clients are very interested in purchasing them.
    Thank you.

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