A Fifth Avenue Masterpiece for Sale

howard slatkin 5th avenue masterpiece for sale

I was a bit surprised when Howard Slatkin shared on Instagram that his magnificent Fifth Avenue masterpiece was up for sale. New to the market, some lucky buyer will be able to enjoy the fruits of Howard’s incredible labor for their own. And while they may not be able to furnish the apartment in the same lavish style, the amazing bones will still be there. The entry will hopefully remain intact with its old French limestone floors, antique French wallpaper panels, ornamental plaster ceiling and doors from the Wrightsman Palm Beach estate.

Howard Slatkin entryMany of you own the apartment’s monograph, published in 2013 but if not, add it to your list of must-have volumes. And hopefully many of you have also seen Susanna’s and my video tour with Howard of the apartment (but if not, be sure to check it out or watch again).

Howard slatkin masterpiece for sale

And hopefully many of you have also seen Susanna’s and my video tour with Howard of the apartment (but if not, be sure to check it out or watch again).

You can also visit my post on our lunch, featuring Howard’s delicious recipes.

lunch with howard slatkin

Featured in the NY Times Real Estate section this past Friday, there are a slew of new photos to see. And while the apartment is immortalized in the book, I thought it would be fun to share some of my photographs from our visit that were not included in my original feature. The white marble living room mantel is Louis XVI where a collection of 18th c. Chinese miroir noir vases stand.

Howard Slatkin living room mantel

Collections are everywhere. Note the NEST candles elegantly displayed.

howard slatkin 5th avenue masterpiece for saleThe beautiful floors are parquet de Versailles installed upside down.

Howard Slatkin living room floorsThoughtful touches in every detail abound. Coffee served with a mix of old and new accoutrements, the linens and tray customized with Howard’s monogram.

Coffee at Howard Slatkin's apartmentLeather paneled walls line the library

Howard Slatkin librarywhere Howard keeps collections such as his Augsburg rock crystal candlesticks above and grouping of 17th – 19th century turned ivories.

Howard Slatkin turned ivory objets

The mahogany door to the powder room is adorned with Japanese lacquer panels inset in giltwood frames with antiqued mirror borders.

Howard Slatkin powder room door

Inside, inspired by a room at Schloss Favorite in Baden-Baden, marble veneer lines the walls inset with a variety of cartouches, some filled with portrait miniatures.

Howard Slatkin powder roomHere, as elsewhere throughout the apartment, knobs and various hardware were custom made by P.E. Guerin.

P.E. Guerin knob at Howard Slatkin

Custom knob by P.E. Guerin for Howard Slatkin

You can take a tour of Howard’s amazing closet in the video but I loved that Howard’s mother needlepointed these slippers for him.

Howard Slatkin slippers

Howard’s master bathroom is a small but charming room. The mahogany vanity and Russian style mirror were executed by Tony Victoria and the rope fixtures by Guerin.

Howard Slatkin master bath

Who wouldn’t want to stay in this dream of a guest suite. Walls are covered with several panels of 18th century Chinese wallpaper that were then painstakingly copied by artist Sasha Solodukho to complete the room.

Howard Slatkin guest room

The vision of an enchanted garden is enhanced by the art of Carmen Almon and Vladimir Kanevsky

Howard Slatkin guest suite

Even the more functional areas of the apartment are beautiful such as the linen closet

Howard Slatkin linen closet

and the flower room.

Howard Slatkin flower room

While I can’t even imagine packing up this apartment, I will be anxiously awaiting news of Howard’s new digs. No matter where he heads, I know he will create magic. Perhaps he is craving another project, another space to transform into a place of refuge and beauty. Howard has hinted of heading downtown so dear Winnie, below, can perhaps have a private garden in which to play. But when the spell is cast and the metamorphosis complete, perhaps I’ll be able to share a few sneak peeks of what is sure to be another amazing home!

Winnie Slatkin

all photos by Quintessence

18 thoughts on “A Fifth Avenue Masterpiece for Sale

  1. Stacey, this is such a visual feast – thank you for including these new glimpses into what, for me, is not “A Fifth Avenue Masterpiece” but THE Fifth Avenue Masterpiece.

    There is an Arabic proverb that I have heard a few times since living in Provence and yet have never been able to track down. It runs along the lines of: “When a house is finished, death creeps in” – it is always delivered with a wink and a smile. And while there is certainly nothing of the macabre in Howard’s residence, I think that sentiment can also be applied to what we feel. I know that I adore when new adventures await! And yes, we will all count on you to give us the first scoop as to what they might be…

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these previously unseen photographs of Howard’s apartment. I was also surprised to learn that Howard was selling up, but for many creative people the joy is in exactly that..the creation! Can’t wait to see what he does next. Thanks again, N

  3. So many beautiful details – it’s really fantastic and clearly was a labor of love. And on a much-needed personal level, it put into perspective my occasionally feeling overwhelmed by dismantling my own modest house. Back to the packing!
    Have a great week,

  4. A wonderful read Stacey and unseen photos. I have his book and yes it is quite the most extraordinary apartment and creation. I’m checking back on the video too!.., thank you.

  5. I can’t imagine letting go of this beautiful and sumptuous space created with so much love. But I can see that a new challenge is calling. Yes, Winnie could use a garden. Maybe a little brother? Thanks for the update and new photos. Mary

  6. Stacey, yes I saw that Howard is ready to create more beauty in another home; although I would be overwhelmed by the thought of packing up his treasures!! The reversed herringbone wood floors are one of my favorite things (I know, considering all of the opulence) in the apartment!
    There will be a buyer who is enthralled with this magnificent home and the stunning views of Central Park!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. The dreamiest apartment. I have been lucky enough to have been there and grew up with Howard’s decorating in every home- the most talented and wonderful person ever

  8. Thank you dear generous Stacey—–no more thoughtful and generous friend than you are. What a nice surprise to see a friend at her birthday lunch today and her daughter came in to show the post on her phone—-I had not seen it yet. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you for mentioning the book—-alas out of stock again awaiting another reprinting, due in a few weeks. And what gracious commenters you have—–thank you for the kind and generous comments.

  9. I spent a couple of minutes reading your article and its absolutely amazing! I love decoration because it adds life to a house, but this one is totally awesome!How I wish my house look like this. Keep on posting Stacey and continue to inspire your readers.

  10. It’s now two years later. Any word regarding the progress on Mr. Slatkin’s new residence? I am very curious as to his latest efforts which I imagine will be nothing less than exquisite but perhaps a touch more edited?

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