Lunch Fifth Avenue Style with Howard Slatkin

Not surprisingly, lunch Fifth Avenue style chez Howard Slatkin is a luxurious treat. Following Susanna Salk’s and my video shoot for our “At Home with” episode several months ago, we enjoyed a splendid lunch in Howard’s magnificent dining room.

Howard Slatkin dining room

Entering the space is like being transported to St. Petersburg via Paris. As you’ve seen, every surface and collected item is carefully considered.

Chez Howard

Living with what you love is an art form chez Howard.

Howard Slatkin vignette in dining room

And the table is a mini masterpiece set with objets and functional art.

Fifth Avenue Style

Monogramming is a regal tradition that lives on nobly here – these elegant glasses are crafted and personalized in Venice.

Fifth Avenue Style

Even the herbed butter was color coordinated with its dish.

Fifth AVenue Style

Not only is Howard a talented designer, but a gracious and generous host. In honor of Susanna’s latest tome on C.Z. Guest, Howard served a menu featuring C.Z.’s favorites, as she was a frequent guest (always a Guest and often a guest). With the holiday season upon us, I thought Howard’s delicious recipes would be a wonderful addition to everyone’s entertaining repertoire. We started with a divine asparagus soup. Since that was a seasonal starter, Howard suggested an equally light lettuce soup as a winter replacement.

Fifth Avenue Style

Fifth AVenue Style

The parmesan custard which floats on top is the crowning glory.

Fifth Avenue Style

Chez Howard

Our entrée was a fantastic salmon roulade. A feast for the eyes as well as the mouth, its presentation elicited a slight gasp. I love this type of recipe that allows for a myriad of creative adjustments.

Fifth Avenue Style

Fifth Avenue style

Fifth Avenue Style

And while we didn’t have crab, we did indulge in the delicious Louis dressing, which is as versatile as the recipe.

Fifth Avenue Stylephoto courtesy of Howard Slatkin

Dessert was an irresistible frothy summer pudding. I have now eaten on many occasions with Susanna whose interest often fades as we approach the final course. But on this occasion, not only did she polish off her portion but indulged in a little dividend – a rare occasion that was testament to the offering. I think it would be equally divine in its winter incarnation with figs and chestnuts.

fifth avenue style

Fifth Avenue StyleThank you to Howard for his hospitality and for sharing his recipes for such a delightful and delicious meal! Here’s to a delectable holiday season!

all photos by Quintessence unless otherwise noted

13 thoughts on “Lunch Fifth Avenue Style with Howard Slatkin

  1. Stacey–thanks to you and to Mr. Slatkin for the recipes. The soup with the parmesan custard will be the first course for my Christmas dinner!

  2. That looks like a divine luncheon and with PGT’s post today about holiday decorating with Mr. Slatkin I am really rushing out to buy a Nest candle I think! Just so I get the complete ambiance!

  3. This was a “godsend!” Absolutely a feast for the eyes and surely the palate! This guy is a GEM! franki

  4. Stacey, this is just gorgeous! I love color and pattern and so I was in heaven looking at these rooms. Thanks for including the recipes. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season!
    xx Sunday

  5. Absolutely divine; everything about this beautiful lunch! And, an added delight to have the recipes!! Can’t wait to make Parmesan Custards for a green soup. Great post!!! Just lovely. ox

  6. Thank you for such a beautiful editorial and photos, it was a great pleasure having you for lunch. And the cherry atop the sundae is to be included, again, on Quintessence, a favorite blog I never miss, filled with endless inspiration, ideas, information and beauty! Thank you xxx Howard

  7. Great blog! Howard’s diningroom esthetic works to warm up Fifth Avenue coops where dinging rooms are often in smaller darker rooms.
    As one who’s hobby is poking through high end real estate in Provence, Britain and New York, I’ve been astounded by shoddy interiors,especially where historic architecture falls victim to head on collisions with sterile overly modern, uninteresting renovations.
    Our personal preference has gone away from collecting towards uncluttered yet well appointed rooms. However in the case of dining rooms, you want a romantic space that hints of drama in the food to come, especially if one employs fine cuisine in their narrative. Here Howard Slotkin is as professed as Merchant Ivory. Thank you Howard!

  8. For whatever reason, or malady that’s infected a new generation of European’s via the sterile uncharasmatic, depressing interiors devoid of all passion, it’s assuring to find Howard Slatkin will not let his polish go to the nether-region’s of the bland decor on the continent.

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