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Quintessential Guide to Champagne

It has become a tradition here, in preparation for New Year’s Eve, to publish my Quintessential Guide to Champagne. Long time readers may want to glance it over as a refresher and hop to the end to see the new inclusions.…
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Coupe or Flute | The Champagne Glass Dilemma

Each year I update this post discussing the age old champagne dilemma, coupe or flute or even tulip with some new suggestions! I have cited Seth Box, director of education for Moet Hennessy USA, before, who, in the New York Times, had discussed his preferences.…
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At the Movies | Metropolitan

Metropolitan is a quirky gem of an indie movie offering a look at the holiday season through the lens of a group of preppy young Manhattan socialites on the debutante circuit. If this sounds off-putting, just think of the subject in the hands of a drier-humored Woody Allen or early Eric Roehmer with a dose of Wes Anderson to get the idea.…
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The Museum of Bags and Purses

Yes, you read that right. I am happy to report that there is actually a Museum of Bags and Purses. My sister recently took a trip to Amsterdam where she visited this unique design destination. The largest bag museum in the world, housing purses from the late Middle Ages to the present, it is located in a charming restored 17th century canal house that is a story in and of itself.…
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Merry Christmas from Our Home to Yours

Wishing everyone who celebrates the very Merriest, from our table to yours!! From our Home to Yours  
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A Note From Santa’s Workshop

Just reminding myself why I’ve been sequestered in Santa’s workshop all weekend with no time to catch up around here. This little one may now be a teenager, but in ten years this holiday will hopefully be a cherished memory as well.…
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Thank you ELLE DECOR

A big thank you to ELLE DECOR for including me in their year end round up. Over 30 of us were asked to share our favorite spaces from a year of chic rooms in the magazine. Always a tough decision, I chose a space that resonated with me as a room I could easily live in.…
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At the Movies

I had another holiday move I intended to review today, but due to a tight schedule, just didn’t have a chance to do it justice – I’ll bring it to you as soon as I can. But I hate to leave you movie fans empty handed, especially at this time of year, so I will remind you of one of my very favorites I mentioned a couple of years ago.…
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American Decoration by Thomas Jayne

Just like Thomas Jayne’s thoughtful designs, his American Decoration is a book for those, like me and I daresay many of you readers, who like a little substance with their style. Jayne’s sophisticated yet livable interiors are based on years of personal experience, coming from a family with a wide ranging legacy of houses, his extensive academic training and his professional experience, having started his career under the tutelage of Albert Hadley.…
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Mighty Maharajas | Forts and Palaces of India

It’s no secret that India has an incredible design legacy. But in Mighty Maharajas | Forts & Palaces of India, we are introduced to many of the forts and royal palaces that illustrate not only the architectural history but social and political aspects as well.…
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