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High Point Happenings

Although I still can’t believe today is the first of September, this month will surely fly by. While there are many upcoming events, High Point market in October is already looming large on the horizon. I am pleased to announce that I will be attending again as part of the Market Authority’s Blogger program, sponsored jointly by Drexel Heritage and Thomasville.…
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New York Gift Fair Hard Core Tabletop

I was delighted to see that the New York Gift Fair featured hardboard placemats. Not only are they classic and elegant, but practical, and who doesn’t love that combination? With stylish designs and wipeable surfaces, it’s a win win. Several examples were seen at the Gift Show in a variety of categories and price points.…
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New York Gift Fair Tabletop Delights

The New York Gift Fair offered so much terrific tabletop that it’s hard not to share just one more post on the beautiful linens and mats I saw. One company who had exhibited before but I was not familiar with is NYC based Tina Chen.…
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Never Say Never | Lyford Cay with House Beautiful

As House Beautiful editor in chief Newell Turner says in his opening letter for the October issue, never say never. While the focus of the magazine for the last six years has been exclusively on American design, this month they expand their view and travel abroad, visiting Americans who have homes from Paris to Africa.  …
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New York Gift Fair Tabletop Temptation Two

The New York Gift Fair featured tabletop temptation in a variety of size, shape and materials. One category is of course dinnerware and I was pleased to discover several new sources of ceramics. The charming porcelain of Jacques Pergay is handmade in their factory in Limoges, France.…
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The New York Gift Fair Tabletop Temptation

I’m afraid my obsession for all things tabletop is no secret. The tiny butler’s pantry in our current abode was never quite adequate and I have commandeered nooks and crannies throughout my home and garage to house my never ending collections.…
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Bold, Bright and Beautiful at the New York Gift Fair

Come make the jump and read my latest piece over at Cottages and Gardens, where I highlight the continuing trend of bold, bright and beautiful color as seen at the New York Gift Fair!! Bright and bold color at the New York Gift Fair  
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New York Gift Fair | Recycling the Past

While I of course love seeing what’s fresh at vendors I know, part of the fun of attending the New York Gift Fair is the hunt for new companies and merchandise. One of my recent favorites in the category of making the old new again was Europe2You.…
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Accessorizing with Color at the New York Gift Show

While some are comfortable with major colorful statements in their home, many find it easier to live with a more neutral base, adding color through accessories and paint. This approach also allows for seasonal changes and adjustments as tastes change over time.…
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Welcoming Matchbook at Dempsey & Carroll

Last month the charming digital publication Matchbook Magazine ran a lovely feature on New York’s venerable stationer Dempsey & Carroll. Since 1878 Dempsey & Carroll has not only been providing its customers with luxury writing papers but serving as an “authority on proper etiquette regarding everything from opulent wedding invitations to simple thank-you notes.”…
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