Winter White

Yesterday I awoke to winter white in all its natural loveliness. As Keats said, it was a thing of beauty. Sometimes nature does all the talking.

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    • Hi Teresa – Yes, it turned out to be more than was predicted. I did just sit and look for a while – with my coffee in the morning – it was breathtaking. We have several well attended bird feeders outside our kitchen window – and their colors against the white background was nature at its best!

    • Hi Reggie -Thank you. It was so beautiful – almost magical – even as it was coming down in those enormous flakes.

    • Hi Barbara – Yes, I don’t think the storm went up that far. And unfortunately it also didn’t go far enough west to affect where we ski – Bob went up yesterday and reported in that they also seemed to have received some rain before this last storm because there is a lovely layer of ice underneath – ah the joys of east coast skiing.

    • Buzz – Wasn’t it amazing how fast the snow came down? And in those gigantic snowflakes! Perfect day for sledding – have fun!

  1. My daughter is just home from their ranch in New Mexico and showed me all the pictures of snow-covered landscapes last night. Beautiful images, Q. It’s pretty cold in Houston, wet misty rain…no snow! xx’s

    • Hi Marsha – I’m sure it was beautiful there as well. Today was sunnier but the snow trampled on and not as unspoiled. This is the part of winter I love.

  2. Hi Quintessence..this year had been one of the loveliest..we have had snow for a month now and it’s been amazingly pretty..hope you get to enjoy the snow for quite awhile too…maureen

    • Hi Maureen – I agree – I hope it stays for a while. The bad part is when it all turns slushy and brown.

    • FTRB – Really? This much down there? That should set the city into a tizzy! But I hope it’s beautiful!

    • Mrs. French – I can’t believe how many southern cities are supposed to be getting snow! Hopefully you’ll get enough to be pretty and not just a nuisance.

  3. Stunning makes me miss the snow until the next day when everything is slushy. Makes me want to dress up in a big cashmere sweater, thick socks and curl up on the couch.

    • Hi Ann – exactly! This phase is lovely – but the brown slush – not so much! Just what I’m wearing and doing!!

  4. I too am so envious. I LOVE snow & haven’t had the pleasure of a playful romp in the fluffy white stuff since we moved from Seattle. Your photos were nature in it’s finest dress.

    I adore your blog & now following!

    Cheers ~ Deb

    • Hi Deb – It was too beautiful! And today glorious as well – but with all the footprints etc. I love it when it is still untouched. So glad we found each other – following you as well!

  5. I too was moved by the beauty of the latest snowfall! As much as I loathe winter, there is no getting around how magical our area looks this time of year. Your photos are such a lovely representation of this!

    • Hi Zhush – I thought of you – that even you of the warm weather persuasion must have been moved -as clearly you were.

    • Hi Caroline – So beautiful in the morning especially. And we here are predicted to get yet another big storm tomorrow night!

    • Hi Stacy – And we’re evidently getting another big storm tomorrow night!! Hope you’re not traveling!

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