Where to Keep the Jewels

So I guess you have all now realized that the Set In Style exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt has inspired my week!! After seeing the spectacular Van Cleef jewels, I began to wonder what I would do if I had a valuable collection of baubles. Keeping everything in the original boxes is not an elegant solution and although a safe deposit box is, well – safe, it certainly isn’t practical in terms of having things on hand. A home safe is the best of both worlds but they tend to be rather unattractive. So in my search for a more aesthetic version, I came across the ultimate solution.

Although a Traum safe might cost you as much as a small house, it is the equivalent of a gorgeous piece of furniture that just happens to have the security of a lock box in Zurich. Established in 1990, Traum safes are beautiful enough to stand proudly in a designer closet and are totally customizable.

And if you want to have it out in a room, they can design an exterior to match your decor.  And I love how there is interior lighting!

Where they really shine, however, is in the interior fittings, which they will totally custom fit to your collection.

For those with larger collections, there are full size standing versions where you can store large artwork and hang your sable coats.

And for those of you who have just won the lottery, and splurged on amassing a REALLY big collection, Traum will be delighted to supply you with a private walk-in vault. There are actually several standard designs or you can custom order one.

So if you have paid a visit to Van Cleef, or have a house full of jewels and other valuables that deserve the luxe treatment, Traum could be your answer.

25 thoughts on “Where to Keep the Jewels

  1. Ooops, I am losing brain cells! It was another blog friend with a Q in the name that commented on the plaque!!!

    Thank you for your comment about the Ilse Jacobsen boots! Crossing fingers and toes for you!

    ox, Mon

  2. Well thank goodness you’ve done the research for me! I was wondering what I would do with all my construction paper and pipe cleaner jewelry that my sons have gifted me with over the years :) They are priceless! I guess it’s time to pay the price and I’ll go with the navy one XO

  3. Marvelous post. I have one of the ugly 5 ft. safe that is built into a cabinet in our laundry room. When we did our pre-closing inspection on the home, the home-owner was proud to show me the bad-boy safe & warned me to “lock up my jewelry”. I didn’t dare tell her it was wasted on me, I’d need some valuable jewelry first!

    Happy almost weekend ~ Deb

  4. I’m gonna be a real Texan on this one…around here, we have “GUN” safes which are much more prevalent than jewelry safes. My future son-in-law has 3 in his house, not racks…but real safes. Ahhh, those rare & valuable “gems” the gentlemen are so keen on. I love the safes you’ve presented here because they are so organized, and that’s the important issue with jewelry, be it priceless or part of of fashion jewelry collection. xx’s Q, me

  5. So nice to know that I can order a custom walk-in vault for all my baubles and bling. Wait, what? I guess at this point there’s not much that needs to be vaulted, but a girl can dream right? XO

  6. They are terrific, I had *no idea* they could be so pleasing to the eye! Not that we need one here at the Prepatorium, but it is always nice to ponder the possibilities. :)

    May your Thursday be divine,

  7. needful things….would love the walk in vault for no other reason than the feeling of pure luxury…well, and I guess to hold all of my diamonds…..

  8. I have a safety deposit box at the bank that’s filled not with jewelry, but with daguerreotypes! Why would I do that? Because the bank vault is at a constant temperature. I wonder if Van Cleef does temperature control?

  9. Wow, reminds me of the movie Princess Diaries! Can you imagine having a collection large enough for one of this gorgeous safes? I would wear them with everything.
    I know that you have enjoyed the week. Lucky you.

  10. Wow, reminds me of the movie Princess Diaries! Can you imagine having a collection large enough for one of these gorgeous safes? I would wear them with everything.
    I know that you have enjoyed the week. Lucky you.

  11. OH Q – you’ve done it again – channeled the depths of my soul and come up with another of my all time faves…Cary Grant rocked my world and Grace Kelly took my breath away – look at the bodice on that chiffon dress!!! Hope to see you soon – if I can peel away from watching Mildred Pierce 30 times over the weekend…

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