The Summer of My Blue Hydrangea

Actually I have never had so many different shades as this year. From classic blue hydrangea to pink and violet, my bushes have been like a technicolor display in the cool end of the color spectrum. And not only have they been colorful but amazingly abundant – as if someone put steroids in the soil.

blue hydrangeaMine seem to last for at least a week to 10 days if the containers are kept very full of water and even longer if the ends are trimmed when you change the water, which you should do every few days. There are many other methods touted to keep hydrangeas looking fresh or even restoring wilted ones. I have shared my favorite tip before – the hot water method seems to be the most popular for reviving a bouquet and is very easy. It just involves recutting the stems, standing them in a cup of just boiled water for 30 seconds and then immediately putting them back into the arrangement container filled with fresh room temperature water. Within a couple of hours they should look good as new. So I am off to Maine today and will try to report from one of my favorite annual destinations. In the meantime, I hope my hydrangea will remain plentiful in the dreaded heat. Stay cool!!

10 thoughts on “The Summer of My Blue Hydrangea

  1. Your hydrangeas are beautiful – love all the color. I have the limelight hydrangeas and they are blooming prolifically this year. Hope you have a wonderful time in Maine – one of our favorite summer vacation spots when the weather gets too hot in NC!

  2. Completely envious of backyard, gorgeous hydrangea and your flower-arranging skills. Beautiful photos.

  3. Gorgeous! Here’s a tip about hydrangea’s as well. They drink from their ‘faces’ or the actual bloom. If you submerge a wilted bloom in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes then shake the water off gently – the blossom will be rejuvenated for a few more days. I also like to splash the outside of the arrangement from time to time to keep the blooms fresh!

    Your multi-colored bushes are amazing! Sweet Summertime!

  4. Gorgeous! You may find that your hydrangea have been picked while you were away… :) Your boiling water trick also works for other woody stems like snowball viburnum and lilac – a great one to know when your blossoms wilt. Have fun in Maine!
    C + C

  5. So beautiful!!!! I love the variety of colors and that they have been so profuse.

    Enjoy your time away in Maine!!!
    xo Elizabeth

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