Thank You Domino | 24 Best Design Blogs of 2015

24 best design blogs by Domino magazine

Domino Magazine has just announced its round up of the 24 Best Design Blogs of 2015 and I am thrilled to once again be included.

24 best design blogs by Domino magazine

While many of us create our blogs out of a passion for what we love, it’s always nice to receive industry recognition. So thank you Domino – much appreciated!

Quintessence named one of Domino Magazine's 24 favorite design blogs

24 thoughts on “Thank You Domino | 24 Best Design Blogs of 2015

  1. Stacy…You are professional,articulate and capture the classic, fun and folly of design.
    I have attended events in New York because you scoped them out first!
    Thks! Laura

  2. Congratulations and well-deserved Stacey! As a design professional I have come to rely on your daily news…you cover a lot of events I can’t attend and expose me to beautiful things that I might not otherwise know about. Your fine work is much appreciated.

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved and earned and you certainly have my vote . Never miss a post!

  4. Nice to KNOW I actually READ 1 of them, must keep up! Sincerest congratulations, and well deserved, amazing- hard work does pay off! pgt

  5. I try to NEVER miss a post and I’m so happy that Domino agrees! Brava to you, Stacey for all of your great insights, sense of style, and endless jaunts – keeping us up-to-date on everything quintessential… well-deserved!!! XO

  6. Stacey, Congratulations! I look forward to your blog each day, always a treat with your artistic eye and well-edited posts!. Come down to Charleston and visit us when you get the chance… Susan Massamillo

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