Thank You Taigan for Sharing my Chateau Life Picks

How can you not love a site that offers everything from the best ice cream sandwiches to luxury travel. For those always on the hunt for that certain something special, Taigan is an endless temptation of carefully curated products from around the globe.  I’ve been a fan for years and in fact one of my very earliest posts was about the site and its online magazine, Fetch.

Quintessence blog on TaiganSo when they kindly asked several months ago if I would make some selections, I of course agreed. After my visit to Timothy Corrigan’s Chateau du Grand-Lucé in January, I was inspired to find ways of bringing his particular brand of chic and comfortable chateau life back home. Luckily Taigan was rife with offerings, so join me over at Fetch where I get to indulge my chateau fantasy. Here’s a sneak peek.

Quintessence blog on Taigan


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