Temptation from TENT London: Eclectic Excellence

As I look back through my photos from TENT London, I am amazed to see the incredible assortment of eclectic excellence. Some companies showed impressive uses of technological advancements. I loved Ditto, a revolutionary new 3D modular product from Danish company 3form. The fabulous orange notwithstanding, I adored the unlimited level of customization this offered. From partitions or room dividers to wall features or art pieces, the variations are endless.

Tent London

The majority of the producers, however, were focussed on more handmade or artisanal craftsmanship. Bodo Sperlein’s luminous ceramics for Nikko were beautiful. Another successful example of creative collaboration – between a British designer and Japanese company. I was particularly taken with the Blossom collection, a combination of east and west resulting in an organic grouping of beautiful floral inspired porcelain.

Tent LondonYou can see the colors a bit better in these product shots from the company.

Tent LondonTent LondonThe translucency of the bone china also translated beautifully to these graceful Blossom pendant lights, a very popular trend at the shows.

Tent LondonFurniture ranged from the modern graphic shapes of Prague-based Jan Plechac‘s Icon chairs

Tent Londonto one of my very favorites, the REX chair by Slovenian designer Niko Kralj. Originally designed in 1952, the chair is part of a larger folding furniture collection. It is no surprise to me that it was chosen as part of the design collection at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. I can personally attest  to its ergonomic comfort,

Tent Londonclassic shape and beautiful colors with enamel-like finishes

Tent Londonand its practical space saving design

Tent London

Another nod to the past was seen at London Timepiece, who carries an impressive collection of industrial and traditional clocks. The wall below represents just a tiny portion of the merchandise displayed at TENT London, much of which was sold. All the vintage items are hand restored, reclaiming their original beauty and character without losing the aged patina.

Tent London

As mentioned yesterday, I found the lighting booths particularly interesting. TENT London commissioned three installations under the title TENT LOVES. My favorite of these was Studio Pepe Heykoop, the Dutch furniture design firm, whose environmentally conscious leather Skin Collection included fabulous lampshades.

Tent LondonMade from the “waste leather” of the furniture industry, the lampshades are produced in conjunction the Tiny Miracles Foundation in Mumbai, India, whose goal is to provide jobs to as many underprivileged people in the area as possible. With shapes reminiscent of old industrial lamps, the lambskin makes them not only tactile and beautiful but lightweight and foldable – old and new again!!

Tent Londonphoto courtesy of Pepe Heykoop

A totally different feel was evident at the booth of designer Daniel Latorre Cruz. His amazing Icarus lights are created from handmade paper of mulberry trees. These light and elegant fixtures had a birdlike ethereal feel. Each feather-like “wing” is removable from the wire frame for cleaning and/or packing. Available in black or white, in a variety of sizes, these  pieces would make a beautiful statement in almost any sort of space, successfully walking the line between their artisanal roots and elegant profile.

Tent London

Look for a final round up of fresh designs from TENT London tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “Temptation from TENT London: Eclectic Excellence

  1. I must accompany you on your next trip and be your side-kick sketch artist.
    What amazing finds. You know how much I adore modernity. Looks like an amazing trip and it looks to agree with you…. sitting stylishly!

  2. The REX chair is marvelous – stylish and thrifty on space! You look wonderful relaxing in the chair. (~and in your favorite color!)

  3. Thank you for sharing more wonderful discoveries. The Nikko pieces by Bodo Sperlein made my heart go pitter-pat, the undulating shapes remind me of Glidden styles from the mid-century minus the matte glaze, I think I like the glossy finish better. You do look fabulous in the REX chair, it is almost like it was made for you!

    Sending you a smile,

  4. Love those clocks and those chairs look great – and I can see….pretty comfy! :) Love seeing a shot of you in this post!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. I have manage to get REX lounge chair and I enjoy my morning coffe in it, sometimes I just sit next to it and look at it … i love it !

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