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Finding motivation to exercise is hard enough. So when German product developer Kristof Hock got tired of working out with unattractive and institutional looking dumbbells, he decided to create a company of exceptional fitness products. Combining form and function into environmentally friendly and über chic products is not a goal I normally associate with exercise equipment. But with sophisticated designs and outstanding craftsmanship of natural materials, HOCK is the very welcome exception. I was thrilled to learn about this elegant alternative to the pedestrian norm that is already finding fans in upscale homes and spas in Europe, such as the renowned Brenners Park Hotel and Spa in Baden-Baden. Hock’s first elements developed within the line were the LOFT weights. Made of hand turned, polished and waxed American Walnut from sustainable sources and cooking grade stainless steel milled to reflective perfection, they are thoughtful, elegant and effective.

HOCK loft weights

The raised shape of the wood grip and flat surface of the steel retain the comfort level even when training at difficult angles like behind the shoulder blade. Beginning at 1 kg, as shown above, they graduate to the sleek 6 kg form below.

HOCK loft weightsAvailable in a variety of configurations from a single to five pairs, special walnut and stainless racks store them safely in style with non-marking anti-slip feet.

Hock loft weight racks

Diskus weights, designed for heavy duty lifting, are, like the loft series, made of non-reactive stainless and walnut, crafted without screws into sleek minimalist forms from 8 to 20 kg.

Hock diskus weights  Their sturdy four sided rack includes a felt floor pad to prevent scratches.

Hock diskus rack

Hock Diskus rack

One of my favorite products in the line is the Robusto. Handheld weights perfect for toning, stretching and running, their ergonomic bullet shape, so comfortable to hold, is available in wood (in the 500 g version)

Hock 500 g robusto in wood

or luxurious Italian leather with an antibacterial coating, hand stitched in a small factory outside of Florence.

Hock robusto leather weightAvailable in brown, black or white, in 500 or 1,000 g weights,

Hock white robusto weightsthey come elegantly packaged, perfect for a corporate or personal gift.

Hock Robusto weights

The Ropa Expander is a resistance tool of high end natural, fabric-covered latex with vegetable tanned leather handle straps. Including 2 strap lengths, it is also available in either a medium or strong strength. This is such a versatile tool to have in a home gym for arm, leg and aerobic exercises.

Hock ropa expander

Hock ropa expanderUndoubtably the chicest jumprope on the market, the Rotator Speed rope is super light weight and balanced. With a precision 4 ball-bearing system, it turns freely with no resistance and comes with a nine foot customizable natural leather rope.

Hock rotator speed rope

The Pector Push-Up Bars were the most difficult for Hock to execute. Supporting up to 100 kg (about 220 pounds), the aluminum frames are stable and lightweight with slip resistance (and non-coloring) silicone feet. I am still working my way up to regular push ups so it might be a while before I personally take these for a test run.

Hock pector push up bars

While most of this photography is courtesy of HOCK, I have seen all this equipment and can attest to its elegance, workmanship and purity of form. They are exquisitely produced pieces worthy of design recognition and have in fact already received such accolades in Germany. For interior designers working on upscale residential or commercial exercise facilities, HOCK is a must see. And for design savvy individuals looking for a little luxurious work-out inspiration, I can personally recommend the charming Robustos – perfect for perfecting those pesky triceps! Here’s to starting the new year exercising in style.

8 thoughts on “Style in Motion with Hock

  1. These are fabulous! How wonderful to have chic equipment that isn’t an eyesore in my home…and actually looks more like sculpture! Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is fantastic! Form following function (and vice versa) is the key to all great design, and Hock executed on that idea in a big way here. What I especially love is that every design decision he made for this equipment isn’t just about making it beautiful (which it is) but about delivering a better experience for the person using it. Makes me want to get in shape.

  3. Stacey these are beautiful–I almost think I might be persuaded to work out if I had all of them. But then again, I might just enjoy them as objects of art.

    xo Mary Jo

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