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Do you know Marsha? Well if you don’t, you should! Marsha is the persona behind the glamorous fun over at Splenderosa. Whether fashion, travel or inspiration, a visit can brighten your day. But the real reason you should visit is because Marsha is a truly lovely person. She is attentive, a good listener and cares about her readers. Aside from her online musings, she is also the creator of a jewelry line featured on her blog. I was smitten with a necklace of freshwater pearls that I spotted – perfect for summer I thought.

I wrote Marsha to order one and not only did she respond personally and promptly but, knowing my particular coloration (very pale, auburn haired etc.), she suggested customizing it for me. Well soon thereafter, my lovely necklace arrived. Unfortunately I am not the talented photographer that Marsha’s son Steve is but I wanted to show it to you nonetheless, as the coloration is beautiful and suits me perfectly! The photo really doesn’t do it justice – it is full and has a graceful drape.

I plan on wearing this frequently this summer with all my whites and neutrals that I seem to live in. So if you are looking for a glamorous read or a pretty bauble (at very reasonable price points I might add), hop on over to visit Marsha – she’ll be delighted to welcome you with true Texas hospitality.

26 thoughts on “Stopping by Splenderosa

  1. You made a lovely purchase and I am sure the necklace will get its proper wear in the upcoming months :) The soft colors are settled but the fullness provides really nice contrast. Wishing you a good weekend!

  2. Stacey, what a truly gracious & elegant woman you are…in every way possible. I so appreciate your post today about the necklace. In the beginning of the creation I was a tad afraid to alter the piece too much for fear of disappointing you, but as the work progressed I saw the piece as YOUR piece, and wanted to make it so special just for you. I love you too, babe!!

  3. It’s beautiful. I think it will look wonderful and chic with all of your neutrals and whites. I’ll have to check out her blog. I keep saying that I will feature’s my daughter’s jewelry. Its a wonder I have so many things to “chat” about.

  4. This is so forever … and a very, very feminine and lovely forever. I’d rather have pearls anywhere over any kind of jewelry. Enjoy!! These colors must be so delicious on your skin … perfection.

  5. Hello Q – Crazy beautiful post – as usual. “When I fall in love” is even a perfect song to accompany when I fall for a new collection… Will definitely be speaking with Marsha – THANK YOU! Best, IJP

  6. Wow. I am not even a jewelry person per se, but who can resist such timeless pieces? I LOVE your necklace and agree that it will be just the thing under a crisp white shirt and khaki capris!

    Thanks for the introduction–and I agree the prices are verrrry reasonable for the quality.

    Happy Sunday!

  7. I like the necklace it’s beautiful. I’ll have to check her blog out. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend so far.

  8. WOW, that is a stunning piece! And, having met you in person, I know that Marsha has done an outstanding job customizing this for you…it will look amazing!

  9. This is beautiful! I think I like the coloration of yours better than the original. Perfect for summer. Also, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m so glad that you stop by!

  10. Stacy it is perfect for you!! I adore Marsha and her talent for adventure and fun!

    I know you will wear your necklace lots!

    Art by Karena

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