Ralph Lauren Home Fall 2016

Ralph Lauren Home Gold Creek Lodge

Yesterday evening Ralph Lauren Home celebrated their fall 2016 collections and new dedicated Instagram feed at their expansive Chelsea headquarters. Here, in evocatively styled rooms, three new lifestyle collections were beautifully presented. Gold Creek Lodge represented the dark glamour of fall.

Ralph Lauren Home Gold Creek Lodge Thoughtful melding of rough luxe

Ralph Lauren Home fall 2016

with baronial elegance yielded rooms full of textural interest

Ralph Lauren Home Gold Creek Lodge fall 2016

and luxurious layers.

Ralph Lauren Home

Ralph Lauren Home Gold Creek Lodge details

with seductive lifestyle details that completed the picture.

Ralph Lauren fall 2016 Gold Creek Lodge

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the winter wonderland of Modern Chalet.

Ralph Lauren Modern Chalet

Ralph Lauren Modern Chalet fall 2016 collection

With lifelike backdrops of snowy landscapes, this ethereal collection is like a contemporary cocoon, swathing you in a blanket of winter white.

Ralph Lauren Modern Chalet room

Even though we’re anxiously awaiting spring, it was hard not to be swept up in the stark beauty of this imagined mountain retreat.


Ralph Lauren Home Modern Chalet dining roomAs always, Ralph Lauren Home reaches back to its roots to capture the essence of the modern western lifestyle.

Ralph Lauren Modern Chalet details

After the unseasonably brisk weather today, glamorous tray dining by the fire was deliciously appealing.

Ralph Lauren Modern Chalet vignette

And a serene bedroom with layers of luxurious linens

Ralph Lauren Home Modern Chalet bedroom

was tempting most of the crowd at the end of a cold busy day.

ralph lauren home modern chalet bed

For eclectic city living, the Hoxton collection is inspired by the bohemian lifestyle of East London.

Ralph Lauren Home Hoxton collection

Classic English furniture with exaggerated sensuous curves and tufting are dressed in black and white ticking

Ralph Lauren Home Hoxton

and black leather.

Ralph Lauren Home Hoxton fall 2016

A nod to Edwardian shapes mixed with an artistic loft lifestyle gives Buxton its boho chic vibe.

Ralph Lauren Hoxton Fall 2016 collection

Buxton style extended into the kitchen where industrial chic met warm woods and exposed brick. An open floor plan was fitted with English style cupboards, apron sink and mini Aga.

Ralph Lauren Home Buxton kitchen

Ralph Lauren Home fall 2016 kitchen vignette

The black and white theme continued at the table where American and British collaborations seamlessly showed their style as Ralph Lauren Home’s Burleigh Arden pattern mixed with their Bennington handcrafted splatterware.

Ralph Lauren Home Bennington splatterware

Ralph Lauren Home black and white tabletop

And of course the vignettes wouldn’t have been complete without a Ralph Lauren Home Polo Bar where drinks were dispensed in style.

Ralph Lauren Home Polo Barall photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

For more reveals from the Ralph Lauren Home fall collection, follow along on their new Instagram feed with the hashtag #RLHome – it’s a celebration of timeless style.

22 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren Home Fall 2016

  1. Hi there! This all looks really “phony LUXE”
    to me!!!!

    I think Ralph needs to look at the new book….”Patina Farm” to see what luxury and taste looks like NOW!!”

    The world has changed. Our country has changed. This is the new luxury. No waste….no fake……no waste. Just lovely spaces for a family and animals….LOVE. That is the future!

    Not all this false luxe. It is over. the real deal.

    • Couldn’t disagree with you more. I’ve independently checked out Patina Farm and my response to that was “yuck”. RL kills it.

      • I love RL AND TO ME HE IS THE REAL DEAL. He takes the things he loves not the things that have Changed or is new but his love and combines them in a room to make magic warmth and earthy richness that I love. Not this new shiny all glass all white mono look but the real deal, his love of things around him. Thanks Ralph.

  2. I love every detail. The rooms look truly inviting. Ralph Lauren is a master of design!

  3. Hi Stacey, Another beautiful post. I especially love the kitchen. So warm and welcoming.
    Makes me want to cook!

  4. In response to P.Bianchi’s critique of Ralph Lauren’s design style I will only say that Mr. Lauren’s taste has stood the test of time. He references world history and blends it beautifully with contemporary styling. It’s unfortunate that P. Bianchi needs to denigrate his talent in order to make her point. Mary Goldenberg

  5. Oh, oh…I’ve crossed over to the dark side…I LUV’d that first vignette…that RL style is timeless!! franki

  6. P. Bianchi likes the fake-poor farmer look; the look that says “My family is so poor that we can’t afford paint and we haven’t been able to buy new furniture for 5 decades.” I grew up in real farm country; real farmers don’t want to look like they are barely surviving, and I can’t imagine that most people who can pay Ralph-Lauren prices will want to pay those prices just so they can pretend to be poor.

    • I do not mean to denigrate his talent in the least. He is immensely talented. He has fantastic taste. I simply mean that this look is fake. Sorry. But it is fake luxe. Just my opinion…..and taste is always a matter of opinion! Everyone is entitled to theirs!
      Some think the Patina Farm is “fake poor”; it is individual…..believe me; it doesn’t look nor feel like they “couldn’t afford paint”! The plaster walls reflect the light beautifully!
      I know that look is not for everyone….it is only my opinion. It is more simple…rather than “luxurious” in the “expensive” mode.
      It is certainly not a “farmhouse” in the middle of the dustbowl. Just my opinion! can’t we have differing opinions???? And be tolerant? Good grief!

  7. I agree with Mary. I would much rather live on Ralph’s Ranch in Telluride then “of the moment” Patina…

    • Exactly! And you can live wherever and however you want! that is the beauty of diversity!
      Believe me; I admire Ralph Lauren and how he has elevated taste and style in our country! He has made available to all Americans (and Europeans) what used to be only available to the “prep school” and “Ivy League” people! Not everything needs to be tacky and plastic! I admire that completely…..and I love his clothes….and most of his “home items”. Recently; I have thought his home collection has become more pretentious…and “luxe” in a world where it seems false to me. Just my opinion!!!

      “of the moment Patina Farm”?? I don’t get the “of the moment” part; but please know I was not meaning to be insulting to Ralph. He basically rescued taste in the United States!

  8. I’m trying to understand your critique of your “phony Luxe” in these rooms of Ralph Lauren’s … I happen to adore everything Ralph Lauren except modern, but that’s just me. I do not see any phoniness, just rich, dense layering of beautiful furniture, vignettes, and cozy rooms. Don’t hate Ms. Brianci just to hate. Doesn’t make sense.

  9. Having worked for and later with the Ralph Lauren company, I have immense respect for the sartorial vision and execution of the seasonal concepts. The only criticism I have is that the concepts seem to be re-imagined versions of previous narratives, not fresh ideas. Still beautifully done – no doubt – but I would love to see more of the innovative fantastical ideas that have made the brand so aspirational.

    • Perhaps that is where my comment came from. Perhaps it is the repetition…..but also the lack of fresh ideas that match the changes in our country. It just seems “off” to me!

  10. I love everything Ralph Lauren. Ms Bianchi is typical of the left leaning politically correct people in Australia. It is true the world has changed, and in my opinion, not for the better.
    They try to bring everyone down to the same low level, well not for me, for everyone who thinks like I do, keep fighting against it. Go Ralph.


  11. To Penelope Bianchi, just because you have boring, bland taste, doesn’t mean everyone else does. Ralph Lauren is classic, old world charm. And, simply, for those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to do something similar with sterling silver, oil paintings it’s nice to see the whole look in finished rooms. I love it and eschew the “shabby chic” you recommended. It looks pretentious, the people who have money but don’t want to look like they have money, and have no taste. That look.

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