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Patrick Mele Greenwich shop

Since he was a young boy, designer Patrick Mele has always wanted to have his own store. And now he officially wears two hats – interior designer and shop owner, as Patrick Mele (the store) opened yesterday to much fanfare in Greenwich, CT.

Patrick Mele storeWithin a 500 square foot former neighborhood grocer owned by the same family for a century, the charming shop still features the original storefront windows, tin ceiling and a small garden in the back. Patrick transformed the jewel box space with gallons of white paint covering floor to ceiling and classic track lighting to “recall the straightforwardness of an old gallery space.”

Patrick Mele Greenwich storefrontInstead of opening a design office, Mele intends the shop to showcase his style, concepts and express what is on and in his mind. The space will constantly revolve with new palettes, layouts and vibes, changing frequently with fresh merchandise. “I want the shop to be a salon where people gather and long to revisit.”

Patrick MeleHaving learned the ropes from some of the best retail brands in the industry – Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade and J. Crew for example – Patrick established his firm six years ago. Since then he has been making a name for himself as a talented young designer with a wide ranging style; as someone who has his pulse on the contemporary scene but with the heart of an old soul.

Patrick Mele Greenwich shopEschewing the slick and predictable, Patrick has a seasoned eye and an appreciation for the chic and unique. With a base of art and design history, he has the knowledge to pick wisely and the confidence to combine creatively. Above, a textile piece by multimedia artist Ak Jansen hangs behind a vintage convex mirror Mele updated with fresh paint colors and an antique recamier handsomely reupholstered with Japanese ticking.

Doug Meyer cameo at Patrick Mele storeCeramic cameos, above and below, by Doug Meyer, are two of six Mele commissioned for his 2016 Holiday House Lady’s Boudoir vignette. Other creative collaborations have included a fabric created with Peter Fasano (you may remember our video visit to the studio to see the process).

Patrick Mele design shop

Patrick has also partnered with designer favorite NYC resource Creel and Gow to present a selection of their kunstkammer-esque accessories. From taxidermy

Creel and Gow at Patrick Meleto whimsical animal kingdom-inspired bottle openers

Creel and Gow bottle openers to Ardmore ceramics and more, it is a pleasure to be able to shop Creel and Gow in Connecticut

Creel and Gow Ardmore ceramics at Patrick MeleFor fragrances, Patrick has brought in the sublime unisex Parisian Regime des Fleurs perfumes and candles. Elegantly packaged and eminently giftable, there is a variety of scents – be sure to try Patrick’s favorite, Falling Trees.

Regime des Fleurs at Patrick Mele

The jewelry case was of course a dangerous spot for me. From 18th century North African necklaces,

vintage necklaces at Patrick Mele in Greenwichto vintage costume couture names such as Angela Caputi, below,

Angela Caputi necklace at Patrick Mele

to contemporary ones like Herve van der Straeten, below, there is a tempting array of notable names.

Herve van der Straeten pin at Patrick Mele

“My ultimate goal is to get people excited about coming to a physical shop once again, to enjoy a one-on-one 360 experience – that you simply cannot recapture through a screen. So much of whatever knowledge I’ve gained and point of view I’ve established, came from a childhood spent visiting these one off environments and soaking in the varied philosophies of their offbeat proprietors – it was always a colorful, memorable and enriching experience, this is what I feel is sadly missing today & what I’m determined to recreate!”

Patrick Mele design shop Greenwich

all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

From 17th century finds to contemporary artwork, pottery by Nicholas Newcomb, Noguchi Akari light sculptures, Turkish & Iranian rugs and much more, the common denominator is pieces with personality. Whether you’re a Connecticut local or a NYC design aficionado, Patrick Mele (the store) is a trip worth your while!

60 William Street, Greenwich, CT 06830
Tuesday – Saturday 10-5 or by appointment.

9 thoughts on “Patrick Mele The Store

  1. Love Patrick’s idea to bring back the fascinating brick and mortar store full of wonderful things.
    But those hideous clunky “cameos” of Doug Meyer? I actually know 2 people who had him make one for each of them…”portraits’! It fills me with dispair! The Emperor’s New Clothes!

    • Tania – I have to respectfully disagree with you about Doug’s cameos. Doug is brilliant and supremely talented and these represent a unique artistic vision. I understand if they are not to your taste, which is of course your perogative, but that is what art is all about isn’t it?

    • Dear Tania,
      As a fellow Kentuckian (Louisvillian) – It’s so refreshing in these Trumpian days to hear such honesty and refinement.
      Doug Meyer

  2. I am the proud owner of 2 commissioned portrait Cameos. They are even more spectacular in person!
    Doug Meyer is real talent! Get in line, (on the waiting list) you won’t be disappointed. They have filled us with cheer and exuberance! Hats off to One of Louisville’s finest artist. Doug is a genius! Lisa Stemler.

  3. Doug Meyer, definitely a gentleman and a creative genius. Your colorful interpretations of individuals are a delight. Long may you cameo!

  4. Stacey,

    I am sorry I missed the event an the opportunity to say hello.

    Patrick is brilliant and the store follows suit! I wish him only the best life can offer!

    Forever Chic!


  5. Dear Patrick, congratulations on opening this gorgeous store! You are so talented I felt as if I were in a fantasy land exploring your ideas and designs….a store can’t contain all the talent you have-I hope it opens many doors and opportunities for you! Your Mom is radiant and beautiful as is your spirit! Much luck and happiness in this new chapter of creativity love Sheila

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