NY Fashion Week Fall 2012: Monika Chiang

Monika Chiang continues to her hone her vision as I saw in her capsule spring collection. With strong tailored lines, her clothes are feminine and sexy for the confident modern woman. Many sport classic lines but with a edgy or sometimes revealing detail. For fall she mixed fabrics with leather and fur for a luxe contemporary look. As with spring, I liked many of the outerwear pieces such as this felted wool funnel neck coat with leather yoke and scarf.

Monika Chiang

Here are side and back views

Monika Chiang

While I tend to prefer longer coats and jackets, there were some very tempting shorter ones. This camel hair cocoon jacket had a fun swingy shape.

Monika Chiang

And the shearling sleeves updated some classic shapes

Monika ChiangOne of the features I really liked about Monika’s designs this time around was her attention to the back view, as with this cute bomber jacket. The fur collar extends to a pretty full shawl shape in the back

Monika Chiang

This printed shearling vest with knitted sleeves was one of my favorite pieces in the show. It looked equally fabulous from front and back.

Monika Chiang

This elegant woven top is a versatile dress-me up-or-down piece with a silk organza panel in front and a not too dramatic slit in back.

Monika Chiang

I loved this fabulous powerknit dress with leather panel from the front – I would wear it everywhere!! But when I saw this daring back I realized it might not be the piece for me – but could be for someone with a more exciting lifestyle perhaps!

Monika ChiangMonika was even willing to share the little surprise her elegant dress offered from the back. Don’t you just love her chic glasses?!

Monika Chiang

Monika Chiang

Many of the outfits were shown with her signature leather leggings, but there were also some classic wide leg flare pants and this fabulous full length leather skirt. Shown with a drapey drop shoulder knit top, I would have seriously considered it if it weren’t for the thigh high slit. But for someone a little more daring with killer legs, this could be an awesome choice!

Monika Chiang

As you may remember from last season, Monika designs terrific accessories. I was thrilled to see the Raja bag return for spring. In a beautiful new berry red, it is also available again in the navy, which I am still considering.

Monika Chiang New bag offerings include the good looking Signia Satchel in espresso

Monika Chiang

The Motley Satchel

Monika Chiang

And a Raja hobo in red, seen here next to the Signia Satchel

Monika Chiang

As you may have noticed in the clothing shots, Monika designed an adorable mink equestrian hat

Monika ChiangAnd these fabulous long opera length gloves. The croc embossed color block versions are particularly appealing.

Part of the fun of fashion week is of course people watching and I grabbed a cute shot of Fashion at Lincoln Center director Stephanie Winston Wolkoff with Monika.

Monika Chiang

And I had a chance to say hello to Million Dollar Decorator Mary McDonald who was there to celebrate with Monika and perhaps discuss details of the new Monika Chiang SoHo store she is designing. This was the best I could do from my outdated phone!

Monika Chiang

Monika’s first Lincoln Center presentation seemed like a successful venture. With fairly reasonable designer price points and a collection with a little something for everyone, fall is looking good for Monika!

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17 Responses to NY Fashion Week Fall 2012: Monika Chiang

  1. Love the navy! The line has a lot of pieces that would go with things that I have in my closet, and the handbags are gorgeous, too!
    Thank you for sharing, Stacey, and have a great week.

  2. Jessica says:

    Lovely pieces – modern twist on some classic styles… Quite a few things I would wear… quite a few bags I would carry!

  3. Love the bags! Lynn

  4. The handbags are fabulous, especially the Motley satchel–yummy!

  5. Ou la la. I pretty much love ALL of it. The purses and gloves…wowza!
    I just wish some of the models were not quite so anorexic looking. Perhaps it’s the lighting?

  6. I ADORE the camel hair cocoon swing jacket and the mink equestrian hat! The Raja bag IS divine. Wonderful gloves, great glasses. Lovely!! ox

  7. I prefer longer coats too but some of those shorter ones got my attention. Love those handbags…wow!


  8. What a fabulous line – LOVE IT ALL, especially what Monica is wearing!
    Great post Q!

  9. Lisa Porter says:

    Beautiful, strong, and soft. I’m with you Stacey – Strong lines and soft shapes for confident women (like us) to love. Monika Chaing, proving that beauty and brains are always in style!
    Hey, it was fun tweeting at the Grammy’s with you.
    Have a great week and thank you for bringing NY Fashion Week to Lexington Kentucky!

  10. Leslie says:

    These are all gorgeous. I like her tailored design and the leather and fur. I too prefer a longer coat however the jacket you show at the top is amazing – love all the gloves!

  11. OOh, the camel hair cocoon jacket! Très mignon!

  12. pretty pink tulips says:

    Oh, you are so lucky, my friend to be a fashion insider!! Love Monika’s collection! The jackets, that vest and the bags! Gorgeous, all of it! And your people watching is top notch, too!!

  13. The Zhush says:

    Adore the clothes, especially that little swing coat!

  14. Wow…too many favorites to pick just one. Fabulous. Happy Valentines Day., Mona

  15. Camel hair cocoon jacket please!!!!!!

  16. pve says:

    Fantastic line. Sleek, Simple and strong.
    Love just one of those coats!
    Hope all is well with you.

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