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Stylish Shopping Video with Susanna Salk and Mary McDonald

Who wouldn’t want to spend the day with the stylish, vivacious and always entertaining Mary McDonald? With old fashioned style sensibilities updated with a daring dose of modern glamour, the designer’s world is a seductive vision of bold color, pattern and layer upon layer of fashionable flair.…
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The Big Appeal of Little Spaces

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a cape that I have always loved the nooks and crannies in houses, those special spaces inside created from the idiosyncrasies of the external architecture. I was forever envious of my sister’s bedroom upstairs, with its charming dormer windowseat and drawers set into the walls.…
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NY Fashion Week Fall 2012: Monika Chiang

Monika Chiang continues to her hone her vision as I saw in her capsule spring collection. With strong tailored lines, her clothes are feminine and sexy for the confident modern woman. Many sport classic lines but with a edgy or sometimes revealing detail.…
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