Nantucket Friday Favorite Finds III

Nantucket shop bodegaNantucket shop bodega

It’s been busy on island and I’m a tad late with this week’s Nantucket Friday Favorite Finds but wanted to give you a peek before week’s end. While many visitors explore the main cobblestone streets in town, there are many places to see tucked away on side streets. In fact, a group of these shops got together to form a shopper’s guide to Nantucket’s hidden gems with a map and Instagram feed @offthebeatenpath that happens to include this week’s finds.

Nantucket Friday Favorite Handlebar cafe-1

My favorite coffee spot on island is the friendly and delicious Handlebar Café. Conveniently located at 15 Washington Street, owners Courtney and Jason Bridges have created a space where you can not only get a great coffee (or latte, cappuccino etc) but sit and meet friends or catch up on emails – there’s great wifi. Whether inside or out back on their secret patio

Handlebar Café Nantucket patio

it’s a welcoming shop with particularly genial and attentive staff who get extra points for being dog friendly!

Handlebar Café Nantucket bark bar

Next door, in between Handlebar and favorite stationery shop, Parchment, is the lovely.

the lovely Nantucket

Chock full of eclectic finds, it is hard to photograph the selection of boho chic fashion statements.

the lovely Nantucket

From beach chic linen sheaths to whisper weight maxis, denim, embroidery,

embroidered tops at the lovely

and fun fashion accessories

bags at the lovely nantucketbags at the lovely nantucket

it’s a shop where both you and your daughters can find a fun addition to your casual summer wardrobe.

jewelry at the lovely nantucketAround the corner at 2 Candle Street is one of the newer additions to the Nantucket design scene, bodega.

bodega Nantucket

With a great mix of furnishings, both new and vintage, as well as accessories and some fashion items, it is hard to leave empty handed.

bodega shop on Nantucket

Whether furnishing a Nantucket house,

furniture at bodega Nantucket

looking to augment or get inspiration for your off island home,

Nantucket shop bodegaNantucket shop bodegaor snag a stylish hostess gift

accessories at bodega Nantucket be sure to put bodega on your shopping list.

bodega Nantucket bagsall photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

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